Jan 26 2015

TsuShiMaMiRe – MaMiRe (Review)


Review by David Cirone


TsuShiMaMiRe hits hard. For over a decade, they’ve firmed up their worldwide fan base by proving they can jam, no gimmicks, no holds barred. From large stages to sweaty shitholes, they’ve earned their cred time and time again by blasting any expectation of “cute Japanese girls with guitars” straight to pieces. (Plus they had the guts to add a glittery punk shine to the Powerpuff Girls for the Japanese TV release.) Through multiple label changes that led them to form their self-produced label Mojor Records, the all-girl punk-pop group is unstoppable and as fierce as ever in their 20-song compilation release MaMiRe.

The tracks on MaMiRe are smartly arranged out of chronological order, leading off with newer material like “Jaguar” and “Speedy Wonder.” With a good chunk of their recent catalog available in the U.S. via Good Charamel Records, the newer stuff will be most familiar (and most accessible) to recent fans. Nimble guitar work (check the lead-off on “J-Pop”) by vocal/guitarist Mari combined with her light airy voice (always on the brink of freaking-the-fuck-out) is TsuShiMaMiRe’s hallmark. They want to keep you guessing from start to finish. Case-in-point: Mari’s shredding guitar solo on “Time Lag” slips into a slow groove layered with sultry, torch-song seduction.

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Jan 26 2015

Superfly shows the many colors of “White Light” for new video


Superfly vocalist Shiho Ochi gets face- and body-painted in her new music video for “White Light”. The new album WHITE is due for release in May, but the first single “White Light” (the theme for the Playstation game Tales of Zestiria) is available for download now on iTunes.

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Jan 26 2015

ONE OK ROCK’s song “Cry Out” chosen for NFL Super Bowl broadcast in Japan


ONE OK ROCK’s new song “Cry out” will accompany the broadcast of the J-WAVE Special Program “J-WAVE SPECIAL SUPER BOWL XLIX RADIO supported by Audi”.

“Cry Out” is the lead track of the band’s new album 35xxxv due for release February 22.

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Jan 26 2015

the GazettE – Standing Live Tour 14 Heresy Limited – Saiteigi – (2nd teaser spot)


The GazettE have released a second teaser for their upcoming March 15 complete box set DVD release Standing Live Tour 14 Heresy Limited – Saiteigi -, featuring footage from the band’s 2014 fan club tour, “Standing Live Tour 14 Hersy Limited Nameless Liberty Disorder Heaven Scene 01 [Disorder x NIL],” “Standing Live Tour 14 Hersy Limited Pulse Wriggling to Dim Scene 02 [Stacked Rubbish x DIM],” and “Standing Live Tour 14 Heresy Limited Groan of Venomous Cell Scene 03 [Toxic x Division].”

Jan 21 2015

Kishidan – Shiawase nishika Shinekara (MV)


Kishidan returns once more with the mighty pompadours of love for new MV “Shiawase nishika Shinekara”.

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