Oct 23 2016

BAND-MAID announces first full album Just Bring It


BAND-MAID has announced the release of their first major-label full album titled Just Bring It. The CD will be available January 11 with a special-edition photobook.
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Oct 22 2016

VAMPS’ Halloween Party 2016 is all the madness you can handle


VAMPS opened their annual Halloween Party festival event at Kobe’s World Memorial Hall on October 22. Hyde and Kaz’s eye-opening Harley Quinn and Joker cosplay added extra flavor to the already impressive lineup, which included MONGOL800, BREAKERZ, and members of MUCC, Sid, BULL ZEICHEN 88, and Kanon Wakeshima joining together to create this year’s version of the Halloween Junky Orchestra.
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Oct 20 2016

exist†trace reveals Royal Straight Magic track list and jacket art


Japanese all-female rock band exist†trace has revealed the jacket art and track list for their upcoming 6-track EP Royal Straight Magic, due for release November 16.

Royal Straight Magic features 5 new songs written by guitarist and lead songwriter miko, and 1 new song written by guitarist Omi, who penned the fan-favorite “Shout Out” on the band’s last release, This Is Now.

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Oct 15 2016

Avanchick to Make International Debut at Tokyo in Tulsa in 2017


Japanese visual kei band Avanchick is scheduled to make their first overseas performance at Tokyo in Tulsa 2017. Avanchick will hold a concert at the annual Oklahoma convention, participate in opening and closing ceremonies, host a panel, and join the VIP Sakura Dinner.

Tokyo in Tulsa will be held July 14 – 16, 2017, at the Cox Business Center and DoubleTree Hotel in Downtown Tulsa. Early-bird registration is open until January 1st, 2017, and includes a 3-day pass for the low price of $40. Sakura Club registration is also available for VIP access.

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Oct 14 2016

WE ARE X nominated for Best Music Documentary by Broadcast Film Critics Association

X JAPAN rehearsing in NJ

The Broadcast Film Critics Association announced their nominees for Best Music documentary, which includes Drafthouse Films’ forthcoming We Are X. The nomination comes ahead of the film’s October 21st release in Los Angeles, followed by a nationwide expansion. Director Stephen Kijak and film subject, the legendary composer, musician and producer Yoshiki, will appear for a series of Q&As opening weekend at Landmark’s NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles.

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Oct 13 2016

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S announce new single Deeper Than Black


THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S have released the artwork for their upcoming single “Deeper Than Black ~Yamiiro no Tsubasa~ (Wings in the Shadow)”, scheduled for release November 9.

Keeping the imagery of “wings”, band member ZERO (bass) designed the jacket artwork. Formed by ex-members of FANATIC◇CRISIS, D’espairsRay and A(Ace), THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S created the song to contrast with their previous release, “Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe”, which described a white-themed romantic story. “Deeper Than Black~Yamiiro no Tsubasa~” portrays a world of darkness in pitch black.

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Oct 11 2016

CANTOY’s Combat Tribe featured in Angel Express (Tokkyu Tenshi) game trailer


CANTOY’s rock track “Combat Tribe” from their 2010 album Missmatch!? has been selected for the game soundtrack to Rockin’ Android’s Steam release of Angel Express (Tokkyu Tenshi). Check out the game trailer below:

CANTOY homepage: http://www.cantoy.jp
CANTOY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cantoy.official

Oct 10 2016

We Are X (Film Review)

We Are X
Film Review by Nhu Nguyen


We Are X brings one of the biggest untold rock stories to the masses. Capturing the level of fanaticism usually reserved for The Beatles’ early days, the documentary brings to life not only the story of X Japan, the band, but also the struggles of the famous people we only know from the outside as musicians — people who strive to persevere and succeed despite dealing with many obstacles: death, pain, and even a cult.

In the 80s, X Japan pioneered a rock movement called ‘visual kei’ or ‘visual style’ – a more detailed, intricate and androgynous version of glam rock than the musical style’s original western counterpart. The band’s music was a form of sophisticatedly-crafted heavy metal courtesy of classically-trained band leader, drummer Yoshiki. With sales of over 30 million records around the world and at home, fans flocked to X Japan like teens run to One Direction.

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