Jul 03 2015

Wagakki Band – Interview (2015)

Wagakki Band
Interview by Nhu Nguyen
July 3, 2015


The eight members of Wagakki Band are performing their first American show at Anime Expo located in Los Angeles this weekend. JRock247 spoke with Yoko (vocals) and Asa (bass) about their thoughts and feelings on their first American live, performing as part of “Cool Japan”, and of course, their music.

Wagakki Band will be performing for the first time in the U.S. at Anime Expo in July. How do you feel about your first concert in America?

Yuko: I think that this will be a very important first live show to see if we will be accepted to the U.S. I’m really looking forward to the audience’s reaction.

What are you each looking forward to during your visit to America?

Yuko: More than half of the band members are going to the mainland of America for the first time, so we’re looking forward to the seeing city life and interacting with American people.

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Jul 02 2015

SpecialThanks – Love Begets Love (MV)


Jun 29 2015

BAND-MAID – Real Existence (MV)


Jun 29 2015

URBANGARDE Delivers Sex, Love, and Subculture to Dallas

JRock247-Urbangarde-A-Kon-2016-A9960 web

Japanese rock band URBANGARDE made their USA debut at A-Kon 2016 in Dallas, Texas, earlier this month, performing for an audience of 2000 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. Fans welcomed the group to the stage by waving a mass of flags showing URBANGARDE’s signature bleeding polka dot design before the band launched into the hour-long concert.

Filling the set list with songs like “Sakura Memento”, “Yameru Idol”, and their latest single “Coin Locker Babies”, the band chose the songs best known to international fans from their catalog of erotic, disturbing, and highly-stylized videos. Vocalist Yoko Hamasaki won over the crowd with her poised lyrical delivery and dramatic moves, while frontman Temma Matsunaga provided the chaotic counterpoint, bouncing and screaming “Sex is Heaven!” into his megaphone.

JRock247-Urbangarde-A-Kon-2016-B0944 web

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Jun 28 2015

MAN WITH A MISSION x Zebrahead: Music video for “Mad Max: Fury Road”


MAN WITH A MISSION and Zebrahead have released a Mad Max: Fury Road version of their new song “Out of Control.” Taken from MAN WITH A MISSION x Zebrahead’s EP released last month, the song is used in the ending of the Japanese release of Mad Max: Fury Road that premiers in Japan on June 20.

MAN WITH A MISSION is currently on a European tour that includes “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”, the biggest rock/metal festival in England.

The music video for the “Mad Max: Fury Road” version of the song was released a day before the film premier on June 19. Scenes from the film are used abundantly in the video, including previously unreleased shots. The lyrics and aggressive sound fit perfectly with the “MAD” feel of the movie. The footage in the video was mostly shot without any CGI effects.

This collaboration started because legendary Hollywood director George Miller took a great liking to MAN WITH A MISSION’s music. “I thought it was great when I first heard the song. It captures the spirit of the movie very well.”

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