Jul 29 2015

Shiina Ringo’s new single chosen for Coca-Cola campaign


Shiina Ringo’s latest single “Nagaku Mjikai Matsuri” has been chosen as the theme song for Coca-Cola’s summer campaign in Japan. The second half of the upcoming double-A-side single, “Kamisama, Hotokesama”, features a collaboration with Shuto Mukai of ZAZEN BOYS, and will also be used in commercials for au’s “isai vivid” smartphone.

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Jul 29 2015

lynch. – EVOKE (MV)


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Jul 29 2015

SCANDAL previews documentary film Hello, World

SCANDAL has released a trailer for their upcoming world tour documentary film Hello, World, scheduled for release in October.


Official Site : http://www.scandal-4.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/scandal_band
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/scandalofficial

Jul 27 2015

Budo Grape performs at CBC Summer Festival in Sakae


New wave Japanese rock band Budo Grape performed at CBC Radio’s Summer Festival in Sakae on July 26, where they played a mix of their fan-favorite songs, older hit songs with Japanese talent Tsuboi Norio, and their new digital singles.

Lead vocalist Quminco Grape got a special treat — a special hand-drawn illustration on her own T-shirt by renowned manga artist Takatoshi Yamada (Dr. Koto Shinryoujo).

Set List
1. Ichigohakusho wo moichido
2. Watashi no karewa hidarikiki
3. Migimuke migi
4. Rojin to kodomo no polka
5. Good bye my love

Budo Grape
7. Kimi no shiranai ureshii ippai
8. Doggie Maggie

Tsuboi with Budo Grape
9. Kinta no daiboken


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Jul 24 2015

BAND-MAID – Interview (2015)

Interview by David Cirone
July 24, 2015


BAND-MAID is (L to R) Kanami (guitar), Saiki (vocal), Miku (guitar/vocal), Akane (drums), Misa (bass)

Since the launch of their music video “THRILL” late last year (550k+ views and counting), BAND-MAID has been turning heads with their heavy sound and the inevitable reaction, “Are these cute girls really playing?” Yes, they’re playing, and playing for keeps at that, adding a series of demo and rehearsal videos to their YouTube channel to put all doubts to rest. No air guitar here, just girls who are ready to put a smile on your face (even their video description for “Real Existence” teases “Welcome, master…”) with a serving of solid rock.

What’s the meaning of the name “BAND MAID”?

Miku: I used to work at a maid cafe, and I thought “I want a band!” So it became BAND-MAID — maids in a band!

How did BAND-MAID come together? Did any of your know each other before joining the band?

Kanami: Miku was looking for members to be in BAND-MAID. I was approached to join the band, and then I brought my friend, the drummer Akane, with me. Then, Akane brought her friend, the bassist Misa. So the instrumental performers were all gathered through connections between musicians. After that, our vocalist Saiki joined through an audition.

What do you like best about your maid costumes?

Kanami: Not all BAND-MAID members wear really frilly maid costumes. We each have our own style, so our maid costumes match each member’s personality. I like how it looks cute and gives a lady-like impression.

Misa: I like how the costumes are a contrast — in a good way — from our hard rock, heavy songs and the personality we get to show in our live performances.

What would you say to someone who told you girls can’t play metal music?

Akane: Crush that prejudice. Just crush it.

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