Mar 29 2017

KAO=S heads to Spain for Salón del Manga y Cultura Japonesa de Alicante

KAO=S will appear at the Japanese cultural event Salón del Manga y Cultura Japonesa de Alicante in Spain on April 8th and 9th, 2017, for a live concert performance and Q&A with fans. KAO=S also will judge a karaoke competition during the event. KAO=S vocalist and performer Kaori Kawabuchi is popular with video game fans for her Mo-Cap work in “Nier: Automata”, “FINAL FANTASY” and more.

Event info:

KAO=S will also spend time at Here Comes The Sound Studio in Barcelona, the band’s first time recording music overseas. They will perform “Koujou no Tsuki”, a cover version of a Japanese traditional song.

KAO=S will return to Japan for concert in Tokyo on April 15, performing with the futuristic musical instrument “Kagura”. Kagura transforms motion to sound with no physical contact, and it can recognize movements and gestures using a camera. KAO=S members Kaori and Shuji performed at Kagura’s world launch party in March.

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Mar 28 2017

Yousei Teikoku returns to America for Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017


The Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017 in Washington, DC, August 11-13 will feature gothic metal band Yousei Teikoku.

Known for their gothic lolita style and unique blend of heavy metal, classical, and techno, the group has more recently begun performing overseas; this will be their first visit to Otakon.

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Mar 27 2017

exist†trace Jyou & miko launch Civarize fashion campaign


exist†trace members Jyou (vo.) and miko (vo./gt.) appear as models for the Japanese fashion brand CIVARIZE 2017 Spring Season Collection, with limited in-store flyers available through the end of March.

More info:

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Mar 23 2017

Yoshiki performs Art of Life at Hong Kong’s Asian Film Awards


X Japan leader Yoshiki performed a selection from his composition “Art of Life” at the 11th Asian Film Awards held in Hong Kong on March 21, 2017. Greeted by resounding cheers from the red carper crowd as he posed for photos and granted television interviews, the world-famous drummer, composer, and songwriter took extra time to sign autographs of the We Are X Official Soundtrack and take selfies with swarms of dedicated Hong Kong fans before entering the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

Yoshiki gave a dramatic performance of “Art of Life” on piano accompanied by a string quartet, earning loud applause from the audience filled with prominent members of the Asian film world. Yoshiki also appeared as a guest presenter during the awards, invited by the show’s producers due to his worldwide popularity and his news-making “Yoshiki Classical Special” performance last December, where he performed a free concert for 6,000 fans after the originally-scheduled show had been cancelled due to a promoter error. This was the first time in the history of the Hong Kong entertainment industry that such an event had taken place, but the decision received high praise from Hong Kong media as the ideal course of action for such a famous artist. With this previous event fresh in mind, Yoshiki’s presence at the awards was even more appreciated by fans and industry VIPs alike.


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Mar 22 2017

X Japan “We Are X” In-Store Signing Event at Tower Records


X Japan held their first signing event in Japan in 29 years at Tower Records Shibuya on March 17, 2017, for 300 lucky fans who won admission through a special drawing with purchase of the chart-topping “We Are X” film soundtrack.

Afterward, Yoshiki made surprise visits to fans watching “We Are X” in Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills, Shinjuku, and Futago Tamagawa, where he greeted film-goers, posed for photos, and answered questions about the X Japan documentary. “When one fan tells me ‘you can do it’, that’s enough to keep me going,” said Yoshiki. “This film is my way of giving thanks to our fans for the miracle that is happening right now.”

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Mar 21 2017

Gacharic Spin’s F Chopper KOGA – Interview (2017)


F Chopper KOGA
Interview by Todd Nelson
Translation by Harumi Arita
February 25, 2017

F Chopper KOGA is the bass player and charismatic leader for the band Gacharic Spin. She is also the bassist for DOLL$BOXX. KOGA was gracious enough to give us the opportunity for an interview prior to the DOLL$BOXX / Gacharic Spin / Fuki Commune live event which took place on February 25th.

Gacharic Spin’s music is unique and seems to blend a variety of styles – rock, metal, funk, rap, techno, etc. Can you tell me about the band’s composition process? Which members compose the music?

KOGA: The four members that play musical instruments (Hana, TOMO-ZO, Oreo, KOGA) compose the songs. We can compose the music and write the lyrics as well. Among us, Hana (vo./drums) especially organizes all of the musical sections. When someone makes the framework of a song, the other members suggest to change its melody a bit, and then we try to remake the chorus together. There are more songs that we’ve composed together versus songs that were composed solely by one member.

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Mar 18 2017

X Japan shuts down London for HMV signing event, takes top spot on UK Rock chart


On Saturday, March 4, X Japan performed their first major show of 2017 on #XDAY at SSE Arena, Wembley, following the release of their feature film documentary We Are X in theaters across the UK. The We Are X Soundtrack (featuring the theme song “La Venus”) was released worldwide on March 3 on Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings, taking the Number 1 spot in 9 countries on iTunes as well as the #1 position on the UK Rock And Metal Chart, Top 30 on the UK Albums Chart, and Number 3 on the UK Soundtrack Chart.

UK Official Charts (link):

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Mar 13 2017

Fuki – Interview (2017)

Interview by Todd Nelson
Translation by Harumi Arita
February 25, 2017


Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Your international fans will be happy to learn more about you and your various music projects.

You’ve been very busy the past year. In June, you released a full album, Welcome! , as Fuki Commune. The album has many hard rocking songs, but there are also some pop songs and a ballad. One song , “Kurui Zake Setsugekka”, even uses some traditional Japanese instruments. Did you see this album as an opportunity to explore some other musical styles that you normally wouldn’t perform with LIGHT BRINGER or Unlucky Morpheus?

Fuki: I’m frequently asked if I change the style of singing for each band, since I belong to several bands at the same time. I don’t change styles with each band, but rather with each song, or even each verse. I challenge myself to sing elaborately on each song, but I’m not conscious of any differences between bands.

Do you have a particular favorite song from Fuki Commune that you enjoy performing the most?

Fuki: If I were to pick one song from the set list tonight, I would choose “Tsuki Ga Michiru Mae Ni”. This is my favorite because there are parts of this song where I sing soft and lovely but also sections where I sing with power.

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