Jun 27 2017

exist†trace heats up one-man live series with THE URGE BLUE


Japanese all-female visual kei band exist†trace performed the third show of their solo concert series at Ebisu Club Aim on June 19, titled “THE URGE BLUE”.

“The 19th Challenge” series is exist†trace’s 2017 project to connect them with their fans through extended live shows on the band’s special day, the 19th of each month.


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Jun 24 2017

Yoshiki to screen We Are X and special Yoshikitty featurette at Anime Expo


X Japan leader Yoshiki will host a special screening of the documentary film We Are X at Anime Expo on July 2. In his first USA public appearance since his surgery last month, Yoshiki will participate in a live Q&A with fans to discuss the award-winning film and the past, present, and future of X Japan.

As a special gift to fans, Yoshiki will also present the first-ever public screening of the We Are X featurette, “THE BIRTH OF YOSHIKITTY”, which includes:
- video interview with Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi
- inside look at the creation and design process explained by Yuko Yamaguchi herself
- behind-the-scenes with Yoshiki working on the “Hello Kitty Theme Song”
- Yoshiki speaking about his relationship with the founder of Sanrio

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Jun 22 2017

Yoshiki makes first post-surgery appearance for Tokyo press conference


Yoshiki reveals details of the upcoming tour and discusses his state of mind following his operation: “This was Hide and Taiji’s dream… a comeback was the only choice.”

Yoshiki made a sudden return to Japan on June 20th (Tuesday), and held a press conference in Tokyo. During the press conference, Yoshiki personally revealed details of his upcoming tour.

Despite the last-minute notice, hundreds of fans selected from the fan club attended the press conference. When Yoshiki, who had landed in Japan that morning, appeared wearing a protective neck brace, the fans cheered and screamed and some had tears in their eyes.

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Jun 20 2017

LAST MAY JAGUAR – Ready for… (Review)

Ready for…

Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov


Ready For …
The first song reminded me a little of Finnish metal bands — there is something northern in the sound of this song. At the same time this song has a Japanese spirit and definitely a Japanese chorus. I really like the sound of the drums in the chorus. The first question I asked myself when I listened to the first song “Why I did not hear about this band before? Where I was all this time?” Great song for the beginning of the album.

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Jun 18 2017

URBANGARDE’s Temma Matsunaga releases “Love Harassment” MV


URBANGARDE frontman and chief provocateur Temma Matsunaga has released the music video for “Love Harassment” from his upcoming self-titled solo album, due for release July 26.

The limited edition of the album will include the music video and a short film.

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Jun 17 2017

Kamijo reveals striking cover images for “mademoiselle”


Kamijo has revealed the high-fashion cover images for all three editions of his upcoming single “mademoiselle”, due for release September 27. Available in a regular edition and two separate DVD combos, each edition contains exclusive extras such as “Urei no Hana ga Tsuzuru Ai (LAREINE self-cover), music videos for “mademoiselle” and “Castrato” and behind-the-scenes concert footage.

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Jun 17 2017

Aldious – Unlimited Diffusion (Review)

Unlimited Diffusion

Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov


This song is definitely epic metal. “Utopia” is something perfect, something that we can imagine, but we can not achieve. This song reflects this concept very well. There is a wonderful epic tune set by guitars, fantastic notes played by lead guitar and vocals that turns it all into a dream. This song has a rather complex structure. You need to listen to it several times to get into this song. It has several images and it takes time to see them all. And when you succeed, you will realize with no doubt this is a real HIT.

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Jun 17 2017

Esprit D’Air announces UK tour for new album Constellations


Esprit D’Air has just announced a 6-stop UK tour to celebrate the release of their upcoming album Constellations due to be released digitally on June 30 and hitting the retail shelves the following week.

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