Sep 30 2014

Velvet Eden – Shoujo A (MV)

Velvet Eden – Shoujo A (MV)

After a long hiatus, darkwave band Velvet Eden is back in all their spooky glory.

Sep 24 2014

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE delivers explosive message to American fans


MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, Japan’s amazingly popular nu-metal band known for outrageous antics and way-off-the-wall humor, has released a (literally) explosive message to American fans getting ready for their live concert at New York’s Best Buy Theater on Oct. 27.

Irreverent, confusing, but undeniably super-hyped, the band gives you a taste of the energy and personality that have made their shows guaranteed sell-outs for years.

Known to Western fans for their contributions to Death Note anime series, KNOTFEST and the solo New York show will be their first American appearance since 2008.

Ticket info:

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Sep 24 2014

advantage Lucy – Memai (live)


Great (and somewhat rare) live clip of Japanese indie guitar-pop band advantage Lucy performing one of their earliest hits “Memai”. Japan Live just got a chance to see the band in person last week along with Swinging Popsicle. Check out the article here.

Sep 24 2014

SHOW-YA – Kurenai / However / Niji (MV)


Legendary female rockers SHOW-YA cover X Japan’s “Kurenai” in this live performance clip from their upcoming release Glamorous Show – Japanese Legendary Rock Covers. The clip also includes renditions of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “Niji” and GLAY’s “However”.


Glamorous Show – Japanese Legendary Rock

Sep 23 2014

exist trace – WORLD MAKER (Review)


Review by David Cirone


Title track “WORLD MAKER” launches exist†trace’s latest album with a confident call to action. With songwriting help from Shinobu Narita (past contributions include work with Plastic Tree and LM.C), miko’s lyrics carry the familiar theme of fantastical imagery combined with the positive message of soaring over rainbows and defining your own reality. Maybe it’s a thinly-veiled response to critics of exist†trace’s recent change in style, but it’s well-crafted pop-rock all the same.

Fans of the band have already caught 5 of the 12 tracks collected in this release, with “DIAMOND” and “Spiral Daisakusen” coming into rotation early. Upbeat tracks “Antique Doll”, “Kuchibiru”, and “Just One” make repeat appearances as well. Listeners looking for the harder side of exist†trace will get a replay-ready gift in the hard-driving track “RAZE” (my favorite on the new album) with excellent guitar work from Omi and miko, Jyou’s delicious lower-register growls, and a nuclear-powered bass and drum groove from Mally and Naoto.

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Sep 23 2014

Kegawa no Maries – Koi wo Koeru (MV)


Sep 12 2014

DAZZLE VISION releases official Hakaine Maiko LINE stickers


Japanese hard rock band DAZZLE VISION has released a set of official LINE stickers for Hakaine Maiko, the UTAU vocal software character modeled after screamo vocalist Maiko. The stickers are designed to “let you show your angry side with no limits!”

A video preview has been created using DAZZLE VISION’s song “Second” to demonstrate the feeling users can communicate with the stickers.

Check out the stickers at:

DAZZLE VISION official CDs and goods (including Hakaine Maiko buttons) are available at JRockShop.
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Sep 11 2014

FLOW Interview (2014)

Interview by Jen Wang
September 11, 2014


In 2006, FLOW made their overseas debut at AnimeFEST. Their return to the Dallas convention brought them to a different location with fans, new and old, who still go wild at the first few notes of “GO!!!”. Despite being veterans of the con scene now, the band still had the enthusiasm of newcomers as they discussed anime, the baseball theme in their recent releases, and and of course, the surprises during their performance.

With Dragon Ball Z being such a well-known anime, how did you feel about covering “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”?

KEIGO: We grew up with Dragon Ball Z so we were happy. But there was a lot of pressure too. We wanted to put our own FLOW touch to the song.

What anime theme would you like to cover?

GOT’S: Attack on Titan, which we were able to play last night.


KEIGO: We’ve done different covers in the past for popular anime. We want to continue that in the future like we did last year.

KOHSHI: Saint Seiya. I sing it a lot in karaoke.

TAKE: We’ve done a lot already so I want to do an original song for others to cover.
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Sep 09 2014

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE to play solo show in New York City


MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will return to the United States for a solo show at New York’s Best Buy Theater on October 27 following their appearance at KNOTFEST October 25. The one-man live in New York will be a rare opportunity for American fans to see this powerful band best known in the West for their contributions “What’s Up People?!” and “Zetsubou Billy” for the hit anime series Death Note.

Notorious for sold-out shows and high-voltage stage antics, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE’s latest album (their 5th) Yoshuu Fukushuu won the number 1 spot on Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart for 3 weeks straight after its release in 2013. Their concerts are in such high demand due to their insistence on smaller venues that a lottery system determines tickets for the sometimes 30,000+ applicants per show.

For the release of Yoshuu Fukushuu, the band embarked on a 56-show tour across Japan spanning 2013-2014, and also made an appearance at Ozzfest 2013. Other recent tours include a sold-out headlining tour of Europe (France, UK, Belgium, and Germany) and co-starring events with Korn and Dropkick Murphys.

Yoshuu Fukushuu (translated by the band as “Our Merciless Home’war’k”) was released in a 156-page manga package with 5 outrageous, adult-themed stories written by Maximum the Ryo-kun about his school days and teenage musical/sexual adventures. The album itself features extreme lyrics, heavy metal guitar, and death-voice, screaming vocals to match the persona of Japan’s premiere hard rock band.

Tickets for MAXIMUM THE HORMONE at the Best Buy Theater are available now.



Sep 08 2014

Anime USA Schwarz Stein VIP package and Tea Party


Along with the announcement for Schwarz Stein’s US debut, Anime USA and ViSULOG now release additional items for their activities: A VIP Experience Package and an exclusive Tea Party featuring Kaya of Schwarz Stein in a solo chanson performance.

The VIP Experience Package provides attendees with exclusive advantages for Schwarz Stein events. For $40, the VIP package includes a special badge, which will grant priority
access to all Schwarz Stein events such as the concert and panel. (Please note that the VIP badge does not grant priority over Anime USA Silver, Gold and Sponsor badges).
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