Jul 18 2016

exist†trace to broadcast live concert worldwide on July 28


All-female rock band exist†trace will broadcast a live concert from Japan on July 28, 2016 at 8:30pm (Japan time). Fans worldwide can view the band’s performance with multi-camera views from Tokyo’s Future SEVEN live house by using smartphone apps available at the iTunes store.

Modernsky Now

Video Clipper


exist†trace is currently touring Japan in support of their latest CD release, THIS IS NOW. The band’s song “Neo Japanese Heroine” has been streaming on Japan’s Yahoo! Sports as the theme song of the Japan Women’s Football League (Nadeshiko League).

In June 2012, over 27,000 viewers from around the world tuned in to Nico Nico Douga to watch exist†trace’s live-show event “Just Like a Virgin” from Tokyo’s renowned live house Shibuya O-WEST, which was later released on DVD and screened in theaters worldwide by Live Viewing Japan.

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Jul 10 2016

Yoko Hamasaki – Blue Forest (Review)


Yoko Hamasaki
Blue Forest

Review by David Cirone

URBANGARDE’s musical style and subject matter are so diverse to begin with, it was hard to predict what direction vocalist Yoko Hamasaki would choose when she announced her solo project, Blue Forest. While URBANGARDE’s albums focus on social ills and the the troubles of “sick people” everywhere, Hamasaki leans heavily on affairs of the heart, and the disappointments and dreams that emerge from romance.

Blue Forest opens with the synth-pop “Garasu no beddo (Bed of Glass)”, confidently singing about longing for her lover’s touch. The theme of unfulfilled love continues in the delicate “Amaoto wa Chopin no Shirabe (I Like Chopin)” and the fiercely heartbreaking “Angel Suffocation”.

“Dare Yori Suki Na Noni” is a standout number, in which Hamasaki delivers a beautiful performance of Toko Furuuchi’s 1996 hit. It’s a brave move, and Hamasaki adds a modern tone while keeping the mature sincerity that made the original so remarkable. Modest club dance number “Forever Us” highlights Hamasaki’s love of French Pop, as does “Lost Blue”, where she finds strength after a love affair that began and ended all too quickly.

Hamasaki produced this album herself, and wrote the lyrics independently of her usual collaboration with URBANGARDE’s Temma Matsunaga. Following her outstanding work in last year’s URBANGARDE album, Showa 90, fans of her work will feel a familiar strength in Hamasaki’s delivery, but, free of delivering URBANGARDE’s message-heavy themes, Hamasaki gets to portray more warmth, feminiity, and true emotion in Blue Forest.

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Jul 07 2016

Versailles to release Greatest Hits 2007-2016 album and documentary


Versailles will release a new greatest hits album on September 14, 2016. This album includes their leading tracks newly recorded for this release plus two new ones. Contains a total of 13 tracks. The limited edition features slipcase packaging and comes with a bonus DVD with documentary movie on their path to reunion.


Jul 05 2016

Versailles – DESTINY -THE LOVERS- (MV)


Jul 01 2016

Tomoyasu Hotei reveals details of Strangers Special Edition

JRock247-Tomoyasu-Hotei-Strangers-Special Edition-jacket-sm

Tomoyasu Hotei has revealed the details of the special edition release of his album Strangers, due for release on July 8.

The new version contains 4 bonus tracks – “Power”, “Black Ships”, “Trick Attack” and “Move It (Hounds remix)”. Strangers also contains collaborations with Iggy Pop, Richard Z.Kruspe from Emigrate/ Rammstein and Matt Tuck from Bullet for My Valentine, as well as the iconic Kill Bill song “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity”.

CD and digital downloads available at https://hotei.lnk.to/StrangersSE

Jul 01 2016

VAMPS releases MTV Unplugged concert


VAMPS released their MTV Unplugged concert on CD and DVD/Blu-Ray earlier this week on June 29.

The MTV Unplugged: VAMPS performance features an orchestra of 12 musicians, live piano, percussion, string quartet and a female choir creating an exotic orchestral arrangement with a taste of VAMPS’ original rock sound.


HYDE and K.A.Z. designed the setting for the intimate concert to create a mysterious and bewitching acoustic live session like “an open night gathering at the vampire’s castle.” The band is joined by guest artist Chara for a duet of “MILK”, and also presents a unique performance of “SIN IN JUSTICE” with cello rock band from Finland, APOCALYPTICA. In addition, for the first time ever, a special version of the last track “GHOST”, performed by HYDE and K.A.Z is included with the release.

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Jun 27 2016

Yousei Teikoku rocks Pantera tribute for Texas fans at A-Kon 27


Japanese gothic rock band Yousei Teikoku delivered a selection of their hardest-rocking songs and anime hits (from Tokyo ESP, Future Diary, Qwaser of Stigmata) at A-Kon 27 in Dallas on June 3, 2016.

At the show’s climax, after leading the excited audience of over 2000 fans in a militaristic call-and-response of fan-favorite “Patriot Anthem”, Yousei Teikoku surprised the crowd by launching into a few minutes of legendary Texas metal band Pantera’s “Mouth for War” from 1992′s classic Vulgar Display of Power. “We wanted to play something special for this audience, for this show, that no one else would be able to experience, and we wanted to show respect to our Texas audience, too,” commented band guitarist Takaha Tachibana.

After performing an encore of their latest single, “Disorder”, Yousei Teikoku signed autographs for nearly 2 hours, meeting fans who traveled from as far as Australia to see the band perform live and gain access to the elusive lead singer, Her Highness Yui, who commanded allegiance from the stage with shouts of the band’s slogan “Das Feenreich!”


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Jun 26 2016

exist†trace reveals new visual and 2016 tour dates


Japanese all-female rock band exist†trace has revealed a set of striking new photos to kick off their Japan tour dates for the second half of 2016. The band has been touring non-stop to promote their latest CD release THIS IS NOW, culminating in their one-man show “Blast Your Now” at Shibuya Eggman on June 26. Additional tour dates will take the band to major cities in Japan and culminate in a premium one-man show on January 9, 2017, at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST.

“The concept for our new visual is ‘cool, handsome, sharp and strong’. It’s not tied to our past, and it’s not hinting at anything in the future, but this is the ‘now’ for exist†trace — the focus of our music and identity are expressed powerfully here,” said guitarist/vocalist miko.

exist†trace’s song “Neo Japanese Heroine” has been streaming on Japan’s Yahoo! Sports as the theme song of the Japan Women’s Football League (Nadeshiko League). http://sports.yahoo.co.jp/promo/livevideo The band’s song “I feel you” (from VIRGIN) was previously selected as the main theme for Olympic champion Nadeshiko Japan’s official guidebook in 2012.

THIS IS NOW is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon, and major streaming platforms.

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