Jul 21 2014

exist†trace announces new album WORLD MAKER


Japanese all-female visual kei band exist†trace announced the title and release date of their new album WORLD MAKER at their July 19 one-man live show last weekend. The news comes over two years after the release of the their first full album, VIRGIN, and it will be the first album to showcase the band’s new twin-vocal approach developed with recent singles DIAMOND and Spiral Daisakusen.

WORLD MAKER will be released September 24 in regular and special editions with 2 music videos, including the latest MV “Spiral Diasakusen”.

The band has been performing a series of monthly one-man lives this year, titled “Gekijyou Spiral”, and they’ve just announced a co-headlining Japan tour with Take Ambulance, slated to start September 7.

exist†trace will close out the year with a special one-man live “Gekijyou Spiral FINAL – WORLD MAKERS” on December 14 at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST.

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Jul 19 2014

101A – Traveler in Room Zero (Review)

Traveler in Room Zero

Review by David Cirone


101A starts Traveler in Room Zero with the relaxed, drifting “Swallowtail,” a dreamy and restrained vocal performance from vocalist/guitarist noah. It’s a familiar vibe, but things get more original and heavier in follow-ups “Forbidden Sky” and “Life,” and these are the type of tracks where 101A really hits their sweet spot — When bassist The K lays his foot down on those lower notes, 101A makes dark magic.

The band cuts loose on “Tower of Babel” and “da Vinci” — pop your headphones in and you’ll get a real taste for 101A’s power live on stage. There’s no flash to 101A’s style. In fact, they’re guilty of being reclusive and mysterious to a fault, bur when they speak up, they rock hard. The trick is, they don’t want you to know what’s coming, and double-length title track “Traveler in Room Zero” is unpredictable an equal parts ethereal and dangerous.


Jul 13 2014



MAN WITH A MISSION just announced their appearance on Slipknot’s music festival “KNOTFEST JAPAN” on November 16 in addition to performing at “KNOTFEST” in the US, to be held on October 24, 25, 26, in San Bernardino, CA.

10/24(Fri), 25(Sat), 26(Sun)
Venue : San Manuel Amphitheater
Address : 2575 Glen Helen Parkway, San Bernardino, California 92407


Bands from Japan:
*All the bands perform on 10/25.

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Jul 08 2014

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE to play Best Buy Theater in New York


MAXIMUM THE HORMONE will return to the United State for KNOTFEST October 24-26, followed by a solo show at New York’s Best Buy Theater on October 27.

Tickets pre-sale starts July 9 with special access code “OMEKO” at this link.


Jul 08 2014

ADAMS – White Caress (MV)

ADAMS – White Caress (MV)

“NEO SEXUAL” rockers ADAMS explore the pain of a love that is not always accepted by all.

Jul 06 2014

Yoko Yazawa – Bad Cat (Review)

Bad Cat
Yoko Yazawa

Review by David Cirone


Powerhouse pop-punk vocalist Yoko Yazawa always brings her A-game, but the heavy production on title cut “Bad Cat” works against Yazawa’s natural earthy style. While it’s clearly the most commercial choice to be featured as the 5-track EP’s music video, it easily falls into Paula Abdul territory and gets a little repetitive near the end. Props to Yazawa for swinging for the fences on this one and still having fun — her alley cat-like “Nyahhh” is 100% punk.

Yazawa’s voice is loaded with authentic soul, and her sultry notes in “Spider Web” are hypnotic. Supported by smooth, blues-rock guitar riffs, she’s super-confident and in control on this track.

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Jun 30 2014

METEOROID releases PV spot for GEMINI


METEOROID has opened a special website for the release of their first full album, GEMINI, revealing their new costumes and the PV spot for “GEMINI,” along with song samples and album covers.


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Jun 24 2014

Shishido Kavka – Dame Kashira? (MV)


Shishido Kavka’s new “summer” tune “Dame Kashira?” puts the focus on her modeling skills while (unfortunately) removing all the power that this bad-ass drummer brings to her performances. The music video retains the campy humor of “Love Corrida” but there’s not a kick drum or cymbal stand in sight.

Jun 24 2014

Buffalo Daughter performance at The Great Escape in Brighton


PROMIC TV’s YouTube channel has posted a cool clip of super-fantastic experimental J-Rock band Buffalo Daughter performing at the Japan Rising event at Brighton’s The Great Escape music festival. Stay tuned after the music performances for a short interview with the band.

Jun 19 2014

Where’s Andy – Chucky is Coming (MV)


Punk band Where’s Andy goes full-on zombie-spooky in “Chucky is Coming”

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