Mar 04 2015

TsuShiMamiRe Interview (2015)

Interview by David Cirone
March 4, 2015


Mari, how is your brain “shortcake” doing? After 15 years, have you destroyed the shortcake because of too much headbanging?

Mari: My brain is so shorted out that I forget things a lot! But I never make a mistake with “Noumiso Shortcake” lyrics! (*laughs)

Why does TsuShiMaMiRe keep coming back to America?

Mari: Because we love America, and because the American audience always supports TsuShiMaMiRe. Thank you all so much. I want to have a drink and “Kanpai” with you all soon!

How have your live shows changed since you started the band? What new risks are you taking now?

Mari: The live style of our show — where we mainly thought of going wild, dancing, and having fun — has changed into the live style which concentrates on playing our music and making our audience dance even more. We’re watching our fans more and making sure they’re grooving, but of course we still go wild on stage, too, whenever we get the crazy loud reactions from our audience. I don’t know how to describe our risks, but I can say we’re always trying to shake it up, trying to push ourselves just a little more each time. Maybe that’s why I’m whiplashed from too much head shaking?

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Feb 26 2015

KAMIJO World Tour 2015 -20th ANNIVERSARY BEST- to hit New York and L.A.


KAMIJO celebrates his 20-year career with a world tour including stops in Los Angeles and New York City in the U.S.A. this June.

KAMIJO who will be performing songs from previous projects Versailles, LAREINE, NEW SODOMY and as his solo work, presenting a visual show with the flavor of France, Rococo, and vampires taking fans into “Kamijo’s World.”

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Feb 25 2015

Yoshiki teases new X Japan album

Yoshiki posted a teaser image of the new perpetually-in-progress X Japan album on his Facebook today, having previously mentioned a new tour would accompany the release. No specific dates yet, but this might be the first concrete evidence of a 2015 X Japan event.



Feb 22 2015

Shiina Ringo new concert film Nama Ringo Haku’14 -Toshionna no Gyakushu- (Live)

JRock247-Shiina-Ringo-Nama Ringo Haku-14-video

Shiina Ringo has released 5 preview videos for her upcoming BD/DVD release Nama Ringo Haku’14 -Toshionna no Gyakushu- (Live), the concert film from her December 10, 2014 live show at Osaka-jo Hall which included many rare songs and a guest list of 37 performers. The limited edition releases include a 3D cover and hardback photo book.

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Feb 21 2015

Swinging Popsicle opens 20th Anniversary website


Japanese pop-rock band Swinging Popsicle, veterans of multiple U.S. anime conventions (Fanime, New York Anime Festival, Anime Mid-Atlantic), have launched a “20th Anniversary 2015-2017″ website in celebration of their three phases of debuts:
1995 – Swinging Popsicle is formed
1996 – Indie debut
1997 – Major debut (Sony Music)

In addition to their regular live performances in Japan, Swinging Popsicle has spent recent years contributing to Japanese game soundtracks (Star Mine Girl, Axanael, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi) and working on new material. Fans can keep up with the band’s anniversary activities and announcements at


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