Aug 23 2016

KEMURI World Tour 2016



KEMURI World Tour 2016

KEMURI may have amicably broken up back in December 2006, but the reunion tour in Tokyo and the U.S. reminded the members of the amazing music and fans that made everything worth it.

Originally intending to keep with their “Positive Mental Attitude” ethos, they wanted to end on a positive note on the height of their success, only to return to their group’s former glory after performing at the 2012 Air Jam music festival.

Since their reformation, they have released three albums (All for This!, Rampant and F), and have been traveling around the globe, sharing their latest singles and past hits with loyal fans in Asia, Europe and the U.S. The band is currently in the middle of another world tour, which started back in July and will finish in October.

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Aug 15 2016

X Japan headlines Visual Summit 2016 with LUNA SEA, GLAY


For three days spanning the 14th (Fri), 15th (Sat), and 16th (Sun) of October, Japan’s largest convention center Makuhari Messe will be decked out in Visual-Kei.

Japanese Visual-Kei rock music has captured the hearts of rock fans worldwide. Amidst the glut of festivals across the country comes the announcement of an enormous event to top them all: VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten.

The first artists to be announced are X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, GLAY, hide with Spread Beaver, and Golden Bomber. Dozens more will be announced soon.

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Aug 15 2016

HER NAME IN BLOOD – Interview (2016)

Interview by David Cirone
August 14, 2016


The album image for Evolution From Apes shows Ikepy in the position of modern man, Does this mean Ikepy or HNIB is the best version of mankind? Or has Ikepy taken over to change our direction?

Ikepy: About Evolution From Apes, of course it means that I’m at the final part of that chain, but it also means that I’m the best version of mankind. I’m sure each of us has our own interpretation, so I want you to think about it.

Makoto: (laughs) Yeah, please interpret that image whatever way you like.

When you let loose in concert, is it your mission to transform your audience into “BEAST MODE”? How do you want to see your fans react to your music?

Ikepy: There’s no doubt that transforming the audience into “Beast Mode” is our most important mission. But “Beast Mode” is different for each person.

Makoto: If someone wants to do a mosh pit, that’s his “Beast Mode.”

Ikepy: Head-banging can be it.

Makoto: There can be a guy starting to air guitar the solo by Daiki and TJ.

Ikepy: Watching and studying is “Beast Mode,” too.

Makoto: That’s “Beast Mode” for that person.

Ikepy: A guy who looks like he’s bored can be enjoying more than anyone in his heart, and that’s his “Beast Mode.” We want to see every version, every beast.

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Aug 09 2016

Superfly previews Into The Circle! Arena Tour DVD


Superfly (Shiho Ochi) gives us a taste of the upcoming DVD/BD release “Into The Circle!” Arena Tour 2016, due for release August 24 from Warner Music Japan. The concert, filmed earlier this year at Saitama Super Arena, includes Superfly’s recent hits “Beautiful” (from the Japanese television drama Mother Game: Kanojo-tachi no Kaikyuu) and “Ai o Karada ni Fukikonde” (from Season 3 of Doctor X). The limited edition also includes a CD of the concert’s acoustic set.

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Aug 09 2016

Wagakki Band – Kishikaisei (MV)


Aug 06 2016

Gacharic Spin reveals new costumes at Gold Summer Stadium


Gacharic Spin had a special treat in store for fans that attended their live performance at Fuji TV’s Gold Summer Stadium held on July 25, 2016. It was the second year for them participating in the ‘Live Alarm’ annual summer event concert series.

Gacharic Spin revealed their new costumes as they took to the stage and kicked things off with “Don’t Let Me Down”. Shifting from their usual costume themes where each member has their own unique color, these costumes are all the same color – bright red. The designs seem to definitely be influenced from marching bands, yet at that same time each member’s costume does have a hint of their personality. It comes as no surprise that Oreo’s costume features fishnet stockings TOMO-ZO’s has a cute skirt, and Hana’s has a more masculine look with full length pants.


The band performed an 8 song set. Through the entire set the crowd enthusiastically mimicked Mai’s and Nenne’s dance moves. Highlights of the show included KOGA’s vintage bass flip during “MORE POWER”, Mai and Nenne cooling off fans with Super Soakers during “Hunting Summer” (it was a very hot and humid afternoon) , and hair twirling during “Sekira Liar”. The recently released single “Shaki Shaki Shite!!” was also in the set list.  For an encore Gacharic Spin played “Winner” followed by their “GS” outro.

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Aug 04 2016

MeteoroiD releases USA documentary and English website


On the weekend of July 15th, 2016, MeteoroiD held their first overseas and North American performance at Tokyo in Tulsa, a three-day anime and J-culture convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Upon their return to Japan, the band released a short documentary video to YouTube, detailing not only the event but some of their excursions in Tulsa.


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Aug 02 2016

KAMIJO – LA VIE EN ROSE 20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (DVD Review)

LA VIE EN ROSE -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

Review by Nhu Nguyen

JRock247-KAMIJO LA VIE EN ROSE 20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity

KAMIJO’s undeniable penchant for French romanticism is very evident in the LA VIE EN ROSE KAMIJO -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo DVD. Starting out as a roadie for Malice Mizer, the influence of the legendary band on Kamijo’s showmanship is obvious, but as the Grand Finale proves, his career has been all his own.

The main disc in the four-disc DVD is a three-hour digest celebrating his 20-year body of work, taking you through the music of his debut-band Lareine, short-lived band New Sodmy, his solo work, and then Versailles, arguably the band that help catapult him to fame among visual-kei fans worldwide. It’s a waltz down KAMIJO memory lane – quite literally waltzing, at times, as in “Royal Tercet” (KAMIJO) and “God Palace” (Versailles).
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