May 23 2015

Superfly – Beautiful (MV)



Shiho Ochi belts out another hit from her upcoming album White with “Beautiful,” the theme song from the Japanese TV drama Mother Game.

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May 23 2015

Swinging Popsicle performs 20th Anniversary Live with advantage Lucy


J-Pop indies band Swinging Popsicle performed a special double-anniversary live show with longtime friends advantage Lucy on April 29, 2015 at Club Que in Tokyo.

The band treated fans to popular hits from their extensive catalog, including tracks “Joy of Living” from their debut Sony album and “(a) Slow Star” from their SUMAGA video game collaboration with Nitroplus. Foreign fans were also present at the Club Que event, showing evidence the band’s impact overseas from appearances in California (Fanime) and New York (New York Anime Fest).

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May 23 2015

AKIRA models Atelier Boz in Anime Matsuri 2015 fashion show


Fashion model and DISACODE vocalist AKIRA starred as the hero of the 2015 Anime Matsuri fashion show, “MONSTER”. Clad in the elegant garments of Atelier Boz, she took the audience on a journey of devotion, betrayal, redemption, and sacrifice. The show also featured her fellow KERA model Midori Fukusawa as Queen Lilith and an international cast of models and special guests wearing designs by Atelier Boz, Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, and Metamorphose.

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May 15 2015



May 13 2015

DISACODE – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report

Anime Matsuri, April 5, 2015

Live Report by Jen Wang


Last year, model/rocker AKIRA won over Anime Matsuri’s attendees with her cool, androgynous style and charming personality. This time, she brought her DISACODE bandmates for their first U.S. performance. True to the meaning behind their name—the negation of established codes, the trio defied the boundaries of gender, language, and music to dazzle the con-goers.

DISACODE took no time to launch into some of their most upbeat numbers. AKIRA danced all over the stage—the kimono sleeves of her outfit swirling around. That motion perfectly complemented the traditional Japanese sound of “Mononoke NIGHT”. She also delivered drama with both her voice and body in “Sakura x Kuroku x Kuraku” while drummer Marcy banged away at the cymbals. When AKIRA handed him the mic to speak during a break, he seemed to understand that some audience members were in for a surprise. He stated matter-of-factly, “I like lolita fashion. I am [a] guy.”

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