Jan 15 2017

exist†trace – Interview (2017)

Interview by David Cirone
January 15, 2017


Royal Straight Magic feels packed with confidence, strength, a really super-charged energy. How do you feel about the album now that’s it’s finished?

Jyou: I get excited no matter how many times I listen to it. I want to make it even better so that fans get that excited energy going through their whole body when we perform it live.

miko: Our previous mini-album was really good, but this one surpassed, I think! When I listen to Royal Straight Magic, it gives me courage.

Omi: It’s a step toward our future, it’s going somewhere special together with our fans. I feel like there’s such vitality in this album. It came out awesome.

Naoto: This album gives listeners a push forward, and at the same time it gives me a push, too.

Mally: This album made me challenge myself with beats I’d never played before and made me evolve even further!

What’s the theme at the center of Royal Straight Magic?

miko: The title comes from a “royal straight” in poker, and the feeling that happens when you draw that hand. It has a message to those who are hesitant to step forward: “If you take the next card, the next day may be like a miracle. So let’s go forward!” I want people to listen to the brand new magic that happens when the five cards of exist†trace get together!

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Jan 14 2017

Yoshiki Sells Out Back-to-Back Shows At New York’s Famous Carnegie Hall

Yoshiki Sells Out Back-To-Back Shows At New York’s Famous Carnegie Hall
Next Performance is #XDay at Wembley Arena March 4th


Yoshiki performed two back-to-back sold-out shows at New York’s famous classical venue, Carnegie Hall, on January 12 and 13, 2017. The drummer, pianist, composer, and leader of X Japan played a selection of his band’s popular songs, his original classical compositions from the album Yoshiki Classical, and works from renowned composers Beethoven and Tchaikovsky with special guests Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.


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Jan 09 2017

BAND-MAID wrecks the party in Don’t You Tell Me MV


Hot Japanese girl band BAND-MAID turns up the volume on their own modern-day Ballroom Blitz in the music video for “Don’t You Tell Me”, the lead track from their new album Just Bring It.

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Jan 02 2017

Yoshiki makes Hong Kong history with complimentary concert


For the First Time Ever in the History of Hong Kong’s Concert Business, YOSHIKI Plays a Complimentary Concert in Lieu of Cancellation

“YOSHIKI Classical Special with Orchestra – HONG KONG”, originally scheduled to take place at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena on Thursday, December 29th, was cancelled due to an oversight by Puffin Entertainment, one of Hong Kong’s major local promoters, in applying for the entertainment license necessary to perform the show. Immediately following the cancellation announcement, Yoshiki himself negotiated with the venue and held a press conference shortly after.

Since the entertainment license for paid concerts takes weeks to complete, Yoshiki proposed that the concert would take place the next day (December 30th) free of charge, and that all 5,000 tickets purchased will be refunded as compensation not only to the people who came to the show from Hong Kong but also to those who traveled internationally to see the performance. Yoshiki also expressed his sympathy towards the promoter by saying it wasn’t an intentional mistake and that he really appreciated the promoter’s hard work. The ticket price for the concert ranged from HK $580-1280 (appx. $75-165 USD).


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Dec 29 2016

Yoshiki Classical Special in Hong Kong Cancelled, Free Concert Announced


The Yoshiki Classical Special feat. Orchestra in Hong Kong, scheduled to take place the evening of Thursday, December 29th at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, was cancelled two hours before the show.

The cancellation was due to an oversight by the promoter in applying for the Entertainment License necessary to perform the show. The announcement was made at the venue’s discretion during the concert rehearsal that was being watched by fans who had purchased the VIP package.

While the local promoter profusely apologized to Yoshiki for her mistake, Yoshiki took into account the scope of the situation and negotiated directly with the venue himself. A press conference immediately followed to announce that ticket purchases would be refunded, and that Yoshiki will conduct a free concert as a private event for not only his fans in Hong Kong, but for those who travelled from mainland China, Europe, and Japan.


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Dec 20 2016

URBANGARDE celebrates the Angels and Demons of Christmas at one-man holiday concert


Japanese alternative rock band URBANGARDE played equal hosts to the angels and demons in their audience at their special one-man holiday live show on December 17. In the 2-hour long performance, singer Yoko Hamasaski donned a sexy red outfit with devil horns, toted a menacing machine gun in white robes, and danced along next to fellow vocalist Temma Matsunaga’s animated coffin as the band played their recent singles including “Akumade Akuma“, “Femme Fata Fantasy“, and “Tokai no Alice“.

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Dec 17 2016

URBANGARDE finds rooftop religion in Akumade Akuma music video


The devil always wins in URBANGARDE’s view of a sick society, and the “trauma techno-pop” Japanese band gives fans a ringside seat to the battle of desire vs. purity in their new music video for the upcoming single “Akumade Akuma”.

Shot on a rainy Tokyo rooftop, singer Yoko Hamasaki returns to the twisted religious imagery of URBANGARDE’s 2010 album Kizu Darake No Maria to act out her conflicting inner selves, finally resolving once and for all band leader Temma Matsunaga’s statement that “We’re all devils to the very end.”

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Dec 17 2016

Fuki Commune [Fuki Fes. Vol.2] – Live Report


Fuki Commune
Shinjuku ReNY, November 13, 2016

Vocalist Fuki (Light Bringer, Unlucky Morpheus, DOLL$BOXX) performed her 2nd concert in support of her solo project, Fuki Commune, at ReNY on November 13th. This 2nd live was scheduled due to the success of the 1st live held in July which was a sell out. The show kicked off with the high speed rocker “I’ll Never Let You Down!”. This choice for the opening song was definitely appropriate because for the next 2+ hours of the live, Fuki and her band delivered an amazing, loud, high energy performance that captivated the audience.

Fuki followed up the opener with a few more songs from her Welcome! album including the single “Welcome To The Shining Night!”. Then the first special guest of the night made an appearance.

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