detroit7 bassist Nobuaki Kotajima to leave the band in February 2012


On January 8, the following message was posted on detroit7’s official Facebook:

Dearest fans of detroit7,

We have an important announcement.
Our bassist, Nobuaki Kotajima has made his decision to leave detroit7 at the end of February, 2012.
Please find his message below how he has reached his decision. We are very sorry to announce this sad news, but we hope you understand his decision
and we appreciate your continued support.

Warmest regards,

***** Message from Nobuaki *****

I am going to leave detroit7 after the show on 25th February at Yokosuka GREENHILL.
I am sorry to inform you that I am leaving the band after our 10th Anniversary year.
Some circumstance changed on detroit7 from last summer. I look back my life and felt anxiety about my future. And as a final decision I have chosen to
take a quite new way of my life that is not as a musician.
We have had many meetings about my decision, and other two band members tried to convince me to remain in band, but at last they decided to honor my
I love music as I have been, and I appreciate a lot of friends and experience that I got from my career as a bassist of detroit7.

Thank you very much to our fans, and the other band members. I really appreciate all your support.
And please continue to support the new detroit7 beginning from this March.

Best regards,
Nobuaki Kotajima


A sobering message that’s all-too-common in the Japanese indies scene. The economic and time pressures of being in a band are daunting, and few manage to stick it out long enough to achieve detroit7’s longevity and street cred. There are cultural pressures, too. It ain’t easy.

I toured with detroit7 while managing ketchup mania on the Japan Nite 2008 American tour, and luckily caught them again live at Shibuya’s Bad Noise! Fes in September last year. I watched Nobu sweat his way through every show. He’s a powerhouse performer, and I’m sad to hear he’s leaving. With so many detroit7 fans worldwide, I’m not alone.

Bass solo @1:30: