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Interview with KiLLKiLLS bassist Ery on Japanese street culture website JUNG JAPAN. JUNG JAPAN – More KiLLKiLLS:


Female visual kei band GANGLION

exist†trace VIRGIN track list revealed!

13 tracks! Rel. 5.23 VIRGIN M-01. WONDERLAND M-02. Daybreak ~13月の色彩~ / Daybreak – Jyusan gatsu no shikisai * * M-03. HONEY M-04. GINGER M-05. 契約 / Keiyaku M-06. リトル・メアリーと美しき憎しみのドナウ / Little Mary to Utsukushiki Nikushimi no Danube * * M-07. シグナル / Signal M-08. TRUE * * M-09. 二つの声 / Futatsu no Koe M-10. あなた …

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Budo Grape – Goodbye 17 (acoustic)

Budo Grape “Goodbye 17” (acoustic) *LIVE* on Nagoya Buzz (excerpt from NagMag podcast #54 3/21/2012) _ Check out the original video from 2009:

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – Ichirin no Hana (live)

Kazuto tears up that guitar solo @2:30!

MYPROOF – Secret Treat (PV)

Dazzle Vision – Kuuhaku (drum cover)

exist†trace – Daybreak (PV)

Broken Doll / Reach For The Sky (live)

Broken Doll / Reach For The Sky “LIVE Show at Tokyo Japan”

exist†trace American Tour 2012 Video Comment

exist†trace American Tour 2012 Video Comment – Mally and Jyou also mention they’re still recording their new album Virgin, releasing May 23.