March 2012 archive

Matenrou Opera – Justice (PV)

Matenrou Opera First full album Justice

CANTOY – Interview (2012)

CANTOY Interview by David Cirone March 4, 2012 What’s the meaning of CANTOY’s name? Catherine: It will take a long time to explain. It’s not important right? HAGA-CHANG: That’s right. Ken: It doesn’t take long at all! miri-pow: The band was called “Candy Toy Box,” but that was too cute. So we shortened it and …

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Gackt – Graffiti (PV)

Really enjoyed this street version of Gackt, and it made me nostalgic for those street corners in Shibuya. (Props for the CHELSEA HOTEL live house!) At the end, I’m betting he outruns the cameraman on purpose. Gotta give the man cool points for the saddle-up getaway in the final seconds.

URBANGARDE – Umaretemitai (short) (PV)

That belly is disturbing. I don’t wanna see what’s coming out of there–

Tommy February6 – Interview (2012)

Read the Tomoko Kawase interview at Japan Times. “February represents the best parts of my personality and is probably how I’d like people to think I am. But I feel more empathy for Heavenly’s lyrics; I can vent my frustrations, which is invigorating. The girl in The Brilliant Green may seem the most lifelike of …

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Budo Grape Radio – Vol. 53-55

BUDO GRAPE “HIMITSU GALLERY” RADIO Fun music and conversation with Japanese New Wave band from Nagoya — Budo Grape! # # # EPISODE #53 Hosts: Quminco (vocal), Taichi (drums), Naho (keyboards) Featured songs: “Nogashita Chu!” from Aimore, “Stalk” from Sokokara Detekinasai

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Dazzle Vision – SHOCKING LOUD VOICE track list and jacket revealed!

Dazzle Vision reveals jacket and track list for new album SHOCKING LOUD VOICE! 1.セカンド (SECOND) 2.Child be found of…(remix/remastered) 3.空迫 (Kuuhaku)(Live ver.) 4.VISION(remix/remastered) 5.HERE(remix/remastered) 6.left to cry there(remix/remastered) 7.Take my hand 8.Eternity(remix/remastered) 9.Miss Cinderella(remix/remastered) 10.Camellia(remix/remastered) Album release date: 2012.05.04