Oct 28 2012



Review by David Cirone


MOLICE goes full-throttle cyber-love with NEUGRAVITY, and some hardcore Blade Runner inspiration shows up in the opening tracks “Rachel” and “Please Please PRIS”. There are solid rock performnaces throughout this album, and while Rinko’s vocals can become a little shrill to the uninitated, the soft glide of “Pleasure Song” comes in near the mid-point to relax the album’s pace a bit.

Fun tracks like “Foxy Machine” (another robot-love reference), “Active Imagination,” and “Control Control” bring the album back from orbit for some ground-level, hip-shaking rock.

Closing track “Jewel Story” was awesome the first time I heard it live a year ago at Bad Noise in Shibuya, and its charm is intact on the record, with fun chorus chants of “doot-doo-doo” acting as playful counterbalance to a pair of ripping guitar solos.

Neugravity - Molice
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