Lolita Dark releases Tokyo Status

Lolita Dark is a new American / Japanese rock band based in Los Angeles, blending steampunk, lolita (gyaru) and anime culture.

Formed in early 2011, the band has already racked up performances at Anaheim’s House of Blues, Los Angeles fashion hotspot Royal/T Cafe, and several anime/Japanese culture conventions: Nan Desu Kan (Denver), Pacific Media Expo (L.A.), Anime Expo’s Lounge 21 (L.A.).

Lolita Dark’s debut album Tokyo Status features English and Japanese lyrics with a raw heavy rock sound, some delightful keyboard work, and double-female harmonies from Ray and May. The CD was released on June 6, 2012 and it’s available on their website:

Lolita Dark Members

Ray of Lolita Dark – (lead vocal, rhythm guitar, electric violin, keyboards (recording))

May of Lolita Dark – (vocal, keyboards (live))

Patrick Cabrera (lead guitar)

Airain (Rain) Balen (bass)

Joey Felix (drums)