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MOLICE – Fatima (PV)

URBANGARDE – Geiger Counter Culture (Review)

URBANGARDE Geiger Counter Culture Review by David Cirone URBANGARDE’s albums have always struck me as mad scientist creations — vocally and musically, there’s an assemblage of parts that shouldn’t work together, but somehow manage to create a machine that produces magnificent, unique results. Yokotan’s soft, coquettish vocals are the spotlight of much of Geiger Counter …

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DAZZLE VISION – Tekkoshocon comment video

CANTOY – Tekkoshocon comment video

101A – Forbidden Sky preview

New track by Japanese alternative/noise band 101A. “Forbidden Sky” Listen to the 2:30 preview: https://101a.bandpage.com

URBANGARDE – Interview (2013) Pt. 1

URBANGARDE Interview by David Cirone January 22, 2013 (read Part 2 here) URBANGARDE might be the strangest, coolest band you’ll ever see, and considering Japan’s penchant for constantly raising the bar on the Weird Scale, that’s no easy feat. Creating their self-styled genre of “Trauma Techno Pop,” the band first caught my attention years ago …

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exist†trace -19’z Premium Party 4- Live Report

Live Report at Kawaii Girl Japan

Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION (Review)

Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 HALLOWEEN ADDICTION Review by David Cirone As much as I loved “I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix)” from Tommy’s 2012 release, February and Heavenly, this collection of Halloween-theme-related songs and skits is a sequel that just didn’t need to happen. HALLOWEEN ADDICTION is a mess, and the expanded narrative presence of …

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Budo Grape Radio – Vol. 90-99

BUDO GRAPE “HIMITSU GALLERY” RADIO Fun music and conversation with Japanese New Wave band from Nagoya — Budo Grape! # # # EPISODE #90

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