February 2013 archive

Hemenway – Interview (2013)

Hemenway Interview by Jen Wang February 25, 2013 Why did you choose to title your EP, Uraheme – Welcome to the Other Side? Hemenway: “Ura” means “Back” in English, and we chose this title because Hemenway has many musical backgrounds. We wanted to show that in this album, since our past three singles were much …

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Bump of Chicken – Tentai Kansoku (live)

AKI AKANE – Interview (2013)

AKI AKANE Interview by Nhu Nguyen February 20, 2013 What is the story behind your name “Aki Akane”? Akane: Aki Akane is the name of a red dragonfly. Your video of Supercell’s “Koi wa Sensou” was the catalyst for your singing career. What was your reaction to all the support and positive comments? Akane: I …

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Limited Express (has gone?) – Halation / Shut up to go (live)


MONOBRIGHT Remain in MONOBRIGHT Review by Jen Wang A band obviously loves their songs when they don’t stop at thirteen songs in their greatest hits. MONOBRIGHT’s nineteen-song compilation includes both the more popular singles and the hidden gems from their albums. Remain in MONOBRIGHT is a fun ride with many twists and turns along the …

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Alice Nine – Daybreak (preview)

Tokyo Jihen – Senkou Shoujo preview

Tokyo Jihen just posted a preview video for their Golden Time PV collection, featuring a new song “Senkou Shoujo”. Click here to watch Tokyo Jihen – Senkou Shoujo preview!

exist†trace Valentine’s Day message

Special Valentine’s Day video message from exist†trace!

Budo Grape – Aijyou Kuraku (live)

Japanese indie band Budo Grape live at Ruby Room Shibuya at BAD NOISE! event.

Tommy February6 – Be My Valentine (review)

Tommy February6 Be My Valentine Review by David Cirone Tommy February6 (the brilliant greeen’s Tomoko Kawase) gets the head start on this year’s Valentine’s day holiday with a birthday single, “Be My Valentine.” After my disappointment with her previous holiday-themed release, “Halloween Addiction,” I was worried we’d be in for another hurried, commercially-timed quickie. But …

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