Aki Akane will be the guest of Aoji gallery at Japan Expo 2013


Japan Expo 2013 visitors will have the chance to attend on Aoji BE42 stand to observe the creation of a digital illustration by Aki Akane. This live-art performance on three days will be broadcast on screens. The illustrations will be available in numbered and limited edition.

Aki Akane will perform at the Japan Expo Live House for a live showcase on Friday, July 5, followed by a press conference on Saturday, and an autograph session at the Aoji booth on Sunday.

New creations by Aki Akane will be exhibited exclusively for Japan Expo. Fans will also be able autograph the newly Artbook ‘RGB’ by Aki Akane, now available for pre-order on aoji.fr and at Japan Expo.


Images copyright COCHITORA,Inc Illustration by AKIAKANE.