Sep 02 2013



Review by Nhu Nguyen


Triampersandy is a band that has former members of popular pop-punk bands Gollbetty (G-YUN, MISSY) and ketchup mania (Wani). If you are familiar with these groups as I am: Aren’t you stoked!?

All bands will inevitably break up. The members will either go off and form new bands or just stop music all together. The ones who still want to continue in the music route can often feel lost. They will struggle to find a sound of their own or find new people they can click with in a musical sense. In the case that a musician is able to find a new group of people to jam with again, it can be a wonderful experience, like finding a new love.

Listening to the band’s debut album PLANET of the TRIAMPERSAND, I would not have guessed that these were musicians who have been in the business for awhile. There is an enthusiastic energy on the album that usually comes from music rookies.

With Triampersandy, the fun they have playing with each other transcends over to the music. “RATATATA” will have an entire live house clapping along with the marching drumbeats, and single “ROLLY-POP” will have them pogoing. That fun even transfers over to their song titles like ”She was tickled pink!!!”

The musicians who first came together as “G-YUN’s” support members on her solo effort have now become one with her. The pop-rock music they create together is not only fun, but also refreshing. Self titled “TRIAMPERSANDY” features guitars being played and manipulated to sound like the sitar. “Soremone” displays a bit of Celtic flavor. With each band mate now equally contributing to the music, G-YUNcoSANDY has an even stronger musical foundation to lay her vocals over. The melodies in “A Stormy Night” and “Do you spend happy for your life everyday?” have me naturally singing along.

Triampersandy’s goal is to have people become one and enjoy the music together with them. With this album, their goal has been accomplished.