Oct 11 2013

Worldwide voting starts for exist†trace vs. Kaishin no ICHIGEKI “YABENOMICS” event


Fans worldwide can participate in the special musico-political campaign battle between Japanese rock bands exist†trace and Kaishin no ICHIGEKI.

Beginning October 11 at Shibuya Star Lounge, both bands are competing in a series of lives shows inTokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, culminating in the final “general election” event on December 6. At each live show, audiences can vote for the band who moved them the most with their performance and message of music.

Worldwide J-Rock fans can vote for the headliner of the final “General Election” live show here:

Voting rules:
Voting is open to fans from all countries.
Fans can vote for either band once a day.

A special website and Twitter account have been created for the event, featuring campaign speeches and a cut-throat Jan-Ken match to decide the band’s performance order on October 11.
Yabenomics information page: http://www.exist-trace.com/yabe.html
Yabenomics special Twitter: https://twitter.com/yabeeno_mix

Jan-Ken decision video

J-Rock fans are encouraged to vote daily to spread the message of music throughout the world!

exist†trace website: http://www.exist-trace.com
exist†trace video: http://youtu.be/OxL6Kw5it9A

Kaishin no ICHIGEKI website: http://k-ichigeki.com
Kaishin no ICHIGEKI video: http://youtu.be/VFse4ErzEms