Mar 29 2014

Buffalo Daughter, Mayu Wakisaka and TarO&jirO to perform at UK’s The Great Escape


Buffalo Daughter, Mayu Wakisaka and TarO&jirO will perform at the JAPAN RISING showcase at
THE GREAT ESCAPE, Britain’s biggest music conference and festival.

Three Japanese artists have been confirmed to perform at The Great Escape, held 8-10 May in Brighton,
England. Buffalo Daughter, Mayu Wakisaka and TarO&JirO will appear at the JAPAN RISING
showcase on the afternoon of Saturday 10 May. They will perform in front of fans from all over Europe,
music industry professionals and media outlets. All three artists will also perform separately later that
evening with other international bands.

Held annually in Brighton since 2006, The Great Escape is Europe’s fastest-growing music marketplace
and consumer festival. This year, 400 selected artists from over the world will perform at 35 clubs
around the city.

JAPAN RISING will present the first UK show in 13 years by Buffalo Daughter, who have long been
active worldwide and have just concluded a well-received US tour; Mayu Wakisaka, who has won
critical acclaim and songwriting awards in overseas markets and was highly rated by industry delegates
at last year’s Tokyo International Music Market; and TarO&JirO, a pair of brothers who honed their craft
in London before returning to sign a major deal in Japan.

The showcase is organised by The Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC)
and Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), and coordinated by It Came From Japan. It is part
of a remit to create overseas showcase opportunities for performers at Tokyo International Music
Market; further showcases will follow.

JAPAN RISING is sponsored by Manga Entertainment UK.

Event name
JAPAN RISING showcase at The Great Escape

Queens Hotel, May 10
Daytime show (12-4pm)
Entry with festival pass only

Buffalo Daughter (www.buffalodaughter.com)
Mayu Wakisaka (www.mayuwakisaka.com)
TarO&JirO (www.tarojiro.com)
+ DJ Tom Smith (Japan Underground)

Extra shows on 10 May
Buffalo Daughter, Artrocker Stage @ The Hope (11:15pm)
Mayu Wakisaka, Resonance FM @ St Mary’s Church (7pm)
TarO&JirO, Juice FM @ Blind Tiger (10:45pm)

Info and tickets
www.promic.tv / www.riaj.or.jp / www.itcamefromjapan.co.uk / www.greatescapefestival.com

Social media
www.facebook.com/PROMIC.tv / Twitter: @promic_tv