Mar 10 2014

Nightmare – Rewrite (review)


Review by Jen Wang


Nightmare has always been an unpredictable band, and their latest single, Rewrite, definitely captures that. The three tracks convey very different moods and styles, leaving the listener wanting more. Released in January, it’s a perfect way to kick off the new year and preview for what else the band has in store.

“Rewrite” feels like it is constantly accelerating, thanks to the focus on RUKA’s drumming. It’s a nice change to have percussion leading the way alongside the vocals. Layers of guitar, synth, and strings make up the harmony, which is thickened by Ni~ya’s bass lines. Yomi demonstrates his vocal prowess by alternating between his lower and higher ranges and showing some restraint in the verses.

The next song, “Isolation” exhibits Nightmare’s gentle side. It’s a heartfelt ballad with rock instrumentals blending in with acoustic guitar and piano. The best part is when Sakito lets the acoustic guitar ring out near the end.

While “Rewrite” sounds a bit cut off, the abrupt ending works well for “HynoLand”, which happens to be the fastest and most aggressive track. Yomi’s singing is more forceful and clipped, and Hitsgui and Sakito rip through their guitar solos. This energetic number would be a blast to experience live.

Live performances seem to be what Nightmare has in mind with this grandiose single. All the tracks seem to be made for an arena show. Given the announcements the band has made about a new album and their first U.S. performance, it’s safe to say that they definitely have their sights set on bigger things for the future.