SoundWitch – Romanesque (Review)


Review by Dave Cirone


SoundWitch’s new album Romanesque is one of the tightest industrial rock albums I’ve heard in years, full of ripping, heavy hooks and mind altering vocals from superstar front-woman Twin.

“Peek a boo” opens album like a war cry, announcing SoundWitch is ready to lay siege to your headspace for the 1 hour-plus length of the album. Romanesque is packed with 17 songs including bonus tracks, and it’s been a long time since I could sit back and let a real “full”-length album dig its heels in and give me maximum replay value.

Twin’s assurance, command, and versatility bring comparisons to Onmyouza’s Kuroneko — there’s something wild and feminine in every verse. Her crazy “Ya-ha-ha, Ya-ha-ha!” on “Affect A Smile” is terrifying and sexy, and her soft lament on “Blow” is entrancing.

The guitar and electronic programming soar with nonstop energy on “Tendre Poison” and “Something More”, and more careful and low-tempo songs like “The Ritual” and “November’s Despair” give solid balance to the album, creating some chilling dreamscapes.

But you’re not getting off the hook that easily — “Suzy the Mouth” contains an unapologetically evil riff, and “Candy” is simply 5 minutes of drum and bass murder. After a long absence, SoundWitch came back to put some boots to your face. I loved every minute of it.