the brilliant green to release self-cover album The Swingin Sixties


The brilliant green will release a self-cover album on July 23 titled The Swingin Sixties. The album will include 10 songs featuring newly recorded music and vocals.

Track List:
Bye Bye Mr.Mug (from 1st single Bye Bye Mr.Mug)
There Will Be Love There (Ai no Aru Basho) (from 1st Album the brilliant green)
You & I (from 1st Album the brilliant green)
Tsumetai Hana (from 1st Album the brilliant green)
Rock’n Roll (from 1st Album the brilliant green)
Sono Speed de (from 2nd Album TERRA 2001)
Nagai Tameiki no You ni (from 2nd Album TERRA 2001
Hello Another Way – Sorezore no Basho (from 3rd Album Los Angeles)
Stand by me (from 15th single Stand by me)
Blue Daisy (from 5th Album Blackout)

The brilliant green’s vocalist Tomoko Kiwase has been revisiting the band’s older material for her alter-egos Tommy February6 and Tommy Heavenly6, releasing stylized pop-synth versions of “Ai no Ai no Hoshi” and “Ash Like Snow” in 2013.