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Jun 30 2014

METEOROID releases PV spot for GEMINI


METEOROID has opened a special website for the release of their first full album, GEMINI, revealing their new costumes and the PV spot for “GEMINI,” along with song samples and album covers.

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Jun 24 2014

Shishido Kavka – Dame Kashira? (MV)


Shishido Kavka’s new “summer” tune “Dame Kashira?” puts the focus on her modeling skills while (unfortunately) removing all the power that this bad-ass drummer brings to her performances. The music video retains the campy humor of “Love Corrida” but there’s not a kick drum or cymbal stand in sight.

Jun 24 2014

Buffalo Daughter performance at The Great Escape in Brighton


PROMIC TV’s YouTube channel has posted a cool clip of super-fantastic experimental J-Rock band Buffalo Daughter performing at the Japan Rising event at Brighton’s The Great Escape music festival. Stay tuned after the music performances for a short interview with the band.

Jun 19 2014

Where’s Andy – Chucky is Coming (MV)


Punk band Where’s Andy goes full-on zombie-spooky in “Chucky is Coming”

Jun 17 2014

URBANGARDE – One Piece Double Suicide (MV)


“One Piece Double Suicide” from URBANGARDE’s upcoming album Ustukushii Kuni.

Jun 15 2014

Shiina Ringo – Nippon video and special website


Shiina Ringo has released a new music video and special website for “Nippon”, her special song for NHK’s Japanese World Cup soccer coverage. Check out Shiina looking stunning in black and white (plus points for the spiked collar).

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Jun 15 2014

WING WORKS Interview (2014)


WING WORKS Interview by Jen Wang June 15, 2014 WING WORKS recently released a DVD of three interconnected PVs and some live footage titled CINEMA WING -The Chronicle Movies-. RYO:SUKE took the time to talk about the story behind those videos, social media, and one of the hottest anime in Japan. The three PVs in …

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Jun 15 2014

Pinky Doodle Poodle – Pinky Doodle Poodle (Review)


Pinky Doodle Poodle Pinky Doodle Poodle Review by David Cirone Pinky Doodle Poodle has always been about bait-and-switch: a wolf of a band hidden behind a cutesy, sheepish name. Their self-titled album released internationally by Good Charamel Records puts even more bite into the duo’s savage style. Opening track “1-2-3″ is over way too fast, …

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Jun 14 2014



New video “STARS” from FROM ADAM ON DOWN’s latest release Forbidden Fruit.

Jun 14 2014

MAN WITH A MISSION song used in BMW TV commercial before USA Tour


MAN WITH A MISSION ended their solo show as a big success on May 31st , and from June 11th, one of their songs will be aired in a TV commercial of a major automobile company, BMW 4 series Gran Coupe. The tie-in song is “babylon”, one of the main songs from their latest concept …

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