MAN WITH A MISSION song used in BMW TV commercial before USA Tour



MAN WITH A MISSION ended their solo show as a big success on May 31st , and from June 11th, one of their songs will be aired in a TV commercial of a major automobile company, BMW 4 series Gran Coupe. The tie-in song is “babylon”, one of the main songs from their latest concept album“Tales of Purefly”, and the edgy sound goes perfect with the cool image of BMW Gran Coupe. You can check out the commercial on TV as well as on BMW JAPAN’s official website.


BMW’s 4 series Gran Coupe CF

It’s the final day of their “Taste of Purefly Tour 2014” tomorrow, and with their second album “When My Devil Rises”, released on June 10th in US, they will go on a promotional tour in the States from the 18th. This tie-in with the global brand BMW will surely push the wolves forward into the global market.

Comment from Jean-Ken Johnny:
“I am honored to have our songs placed in the worldly-known BMV commercial. I would love to drive one. Then I will have to start getting a driver’s license! Thank you so much!”