Jun 05 2014

Tainted Reality presents Visual Kei US Tour Documentary “BLOOD: Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 1” Free On YouTube


Continuing their push on YouTube, Tainted Reality has released their first full length feature for the streaming video service, “BLOOD: Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 1”.

Originally released in 2007 with the full length album “Les Fleurs Du Mal”, the feature follows visual kei band BLOOD through their 2nd US concert tour. Containing 15 minutes of restored footage not found in the original 2007 release, the documentary contains rare footage of VK bands behind the scenes, out of make-up, and socializing, as well as concert performances, photo shoots, and the infamous incident where the band was kicked off stage in New York City.

“BLOOD: Darkest Labyrinth Vol. 1” is viewable for free at: http://taintedreality.net/darkest-labyrinth-vol-1-directors-cut