Sep 08 2014

Guitarist Yutori to leave METEOROID


METEOROID have announced that following the one-man performances on 9/17 and 9/27, guitarist Yutori will officially resign from the band. The band have issued an official statement and comments from each of the members regarding Yutori’s decision.

Thank you for always supporting METEOROID. This is a sudden announcement but following the one-man performance “Domestic Alien at O-WEST” on 9/17 at Tsutaya O-WEST and Machi and Yutori’s birthday performance, “Time Flies Like an Arrow“ at Kichijoji SHUFFLE on 9/27, guitarist Yutori will be leaving METEOROID. After discussing it many times between the 5 members, Yutori decided to withdraw because of a directional difference with the respect of the other members. While it is an abrupt announcement, we deeply apologize from our hearts to our fans who consistently supported us and to all of the staff to whom we caused much worry and trouble. Furthermore, we will be discontinuing the “GEMINI PROGRAM,” which we implemented last year, following this announcement. While we only have two performances left as these 5 members, we will be very happy to have your support. Please continue to support Yutori as an individual and METEOROID from here on out.
From everyone in METEOROID