Yoshiki and Ambassador John Roos at New Economy Summit 2015


Yoshiki was invited to be a guest speaker at the “New Economy Summit 2015″​ for a discussion with former Ambassador to Japan, John Roos. He discussed the future of the music business, as well as how to compete globally as a musician and entrepreneur.

Others ​speakers at the summit included: Larry Ellison (Oracle), Michelle Phan (Founder & Executive Producer for FAWN ​), Prof. Shinya Yamanaka (Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 and Director and Professor of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University), Drew Houston (Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox); Nathan Blecharczyk (CTO and Co-founder of Airbnb), and John Zimmerman (Co-founder and President of Lyft Inc.).

Full video of the discussion:

Supplemental article regarding Yoshiki’s discussion ​at NES.