Cue:Spec’s latest MV features cosplayer Otogi Nekomu


Cue:Spec’s new music video “Digital Out” features Otogi Nekomu, dubbed “Japan’s Cutest Cosplayer”, who has amassed over 100,000 Twitter followers since being scouted at Comiket in 2013 by Weekly Playboy.

Since their formation in 2010, the keyboard and drum duo Cue:Spec have made a name for themselves in the genre they coined “effect rock”. Their philosophy is to “bring grooves and liveliness to electronic sounds”, “transport listeners to another world with their catchy and unique sound”, “preserve a sense of quality”, and “create music that everyone can enjoy”.

Cue:Spec’s music video for their leading song “Digital Out” (from their mini album, The Monaural World, to be released on July 22) aims to “transgress between reality and cyberspace, wanting desperately to enter the madness outside my head” blending in the dystopian science fiction world of Blade Runner.


Otogi Nekomu has been active through Horipro Talent Agency since last year. Ushijima Iiniku, herself a cosplayer and renowned gravure idol, is on wardrobe. In addition, the video features a cast of top contemporary dancers who lend their talents to the aesthetic of Cue:Spec’s world. Studio 884 – the creators group behind EXILE [24 World] and many subsequent music videos, movies, TV shows, and commercials – including up and coming young director Genki Takigawa – stands behind the camera.