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Aug 31 2015

URBANGARDE Visits Psychiatric Hospital for Special Concert


Members of Japanese rock band URBANGARDE accepted the invitation of a Nagano hospital to perform for patients in the psychiatric ward and nursing home on August 21. Vocalist Yoko Hamasaki and keyboardist Kei Ohkubo performed songs requested by the patients plus some of URBANGARDE’s original songs. One of the doctors explained, “The world of URBANGARDE …

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Aug 30 2015

Onmyouza announces live DVD/BDs Fujin Live and Raijin Live


Japanese rock band Onmyouza has announced the simultaneous release of two concert DVD/BD’s Fujin Live and Raijin Live, recorded at their tour finals in December 2014 and February 2015 at Tokyo Dome City Hall. Each video contains a different set list from their recent albums Fujin Kaiko and Raijin Sosei, and limited editions come with …

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Aug 27 2015

umbrella – Kinematograph (Review)


umbrella Kinematograph Review by Jen Wang The latest mini-album from visual kei quartet umbrella opens with the cranking sounds of an old-fashioned camera projecting film. Indeed the aptly-named Kinematograph does provide a glimpse into the past—the early 90s to be exact, when shoegaze was all the rage. Those hazy guitars float from the intro, “Lumiere”, …

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Aug 25 2015

Budo Grape releases trailer for third set of 2015 singles


Nagoya’s Budo Grape has release a video trailer for their latest singles “Unmei no bus” and “Angou”. This is the third time this year that the Japanese new wave indies band has released a pair of new songs, following “4-3-2-1 Hi o Tukero”, “Zankoku Na Yasashisa”, “Hakase ni Soudan”, and “Kyou no kare Ashita no …

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Aug 25 2015

Kamijo Releases LINE Stamps


KAMIJO, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary from his debut this year, will release his first official LINE stamps. His official LINE account will open on the same day. The official LINE stamps will feature a charmingly cartooned KAMIJO with various expressions and phrases including his fan-favorite phrase, “Bonjour!”. The KAMIJO stamps are on sale …

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Aug 20 2015

TsuShiMaMiRe announces new album Abandon Human


Japanese indies girl punk band TsuShiMaMiRe has announced their new album Abandon Human will be released on October 7 from their self-created label Mojor Records, featuring 10 songs. A new music video from the album is also in the works. Info:

Aug 19 2015

X JAPAN Offers Euro Tour Packages To Wembley SSE Arena Concert


Shortly after announcing their new studio album release, documentary film premiere and Wembley SSE Arena Concert event, X Japan announced special travel packages which will be made available to fans across Europe to be part of the London events. The travel packages will offer fans located across Europe an easy and cost-effective opportunity to travel …

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Aug 14 2015

Megamasso – Snowy Blue (MV)

Megamasso – Snowy Blue (MV)

Aug 12 2015

DIR EN GREY’s Shinya makes runway debut with h. NAOTO


DIR EN GREY’s Shinya runway debut with h. NAOTO Press conference and fashion show recap by Nhu Nguyen August 12, 2015 For VAMPS 2014 Halloween party, DIR EN GREY’s Shinya and designer Hirooaka Naoto (h.NAOTO) collaborated on Shinya’s costume. Since then, the designer has wanted to do something cool to present the drummer of DIR …

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Aug 12 2015

the GazettE – new album DOGMA preview


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