Wagakki Band announces 2nd album Yaso Emaki


Wagakki Band has announced the release of their second album “Yaso Emaki” on September 2. It features their hit tunes “Hanabi,” “Ikusa,” “Nadeshiko Zakura,” “Hanafurumai,” and nine unreleased tracks.

There are three different types (A, B, and C), and they come with a trading card randomly selected from 20 kinds. In addition, a different ad poster for each type is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Furthermore, type A and B additionally feature a cover of “Chikyu Saigo no Kokuhaku” recorded at a studio in the album and come with a bonus DVD or Blu-ray (Type A: music video collection & making-of / Type B: live footage).

via CDJapan