SXSW to host panel on Japanese music scene


SXSW 2016 will host an informative and challenging panel on the current state of Japanese music titled “The Japanese Music Scene: More than VK and Idols”

Presenters: Apryl Peredo (Fuchsia), Hiroking Tanabe (DJHIROKING), Ryotaro Aoki (Journalist), Yukio Kobayashi (9 to the Universe)

The Japanese music scene. What comes to mind? Legacy bands like X Japan or Dir En Grey? Maybe awareness of idol groups or quirky “only in Japan” bands? Japan is the 2nd largest music market, yet most people are not listening to these bands, nor do they listen to only imported music. So what are they listening to and buying? The 1st part of the panel will focus on the domestic music scene & industry: performers, why CDs still “rule,” new trends in marketing, new streaming services. The 2nd part of the panel will provide a foundation for overseas artists considering Japan for touring and music sales: deciding if Japan is a good fit, booking shows, promotion methods, seeking distribution.

More information and dates will be announced in early 2016.