Oct 31 2015

WING WORKS in London for HYPER JAPAN 2015


HYPER JAPAN will present the first London performance of WING WORKS on November 27-29th during its Christmas Market in Tobacco Dock, London.

In 2015, WING WORKS made its overseas debut at Paris Manga in February, followed by an appearance in Switzerland for JapAniManga Night. Now, RYO:SUKE will return to Europe for a debut in London, hosted by HYPER JAPAN. This time, the vocalist will be performing solo, giving fans the chance to Fans will get to experience a special time with RYO:SUKE in an intimate live setting.

WING WORKS is the project of RYO:SUKE, ex-bassist of popular Visual Kei band Lolita23q. Formed in late 2012, this project operates with the concept of “Hybrid shock music,” a rousing fusion of rock and electronica. RYO:SUKE is backed up by support members called WING MEN, who are respected musicians in the Visual Kei scene, and has also collaborated with DJs in the EDM genre.

Since its inception, RYO:SUKE has led his supporting members & fans through various exciting storylines with his futuristic sounds, cybernetic visuals and excitable stage presence. In 2014, RYO:SUKE created a new story concept called “FUTURISTIC AND:ROID PROJECT” in which an android from the year of 2033 is sent back to present time as humanity’s last hope of preventing the apocalypse. WING WORKS has also released 3 singles and completed a successful national tour under this new theme.

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