YOSHIKIMONO Takes Over Tokyo Fashion Week


Photos: Barks.JP

In his debut showing Saturday night at Tokyo Fashion Week, heavy-metal rocker Yoshiki collaborated with a Kyoto-based brand on body-hugging kimono, slashed to miniskirt-length and worn with stilettos, leather collars and high-heeled boots.

The dyed-blonde co-founder of the band X Japan — who opened the show with a piano recital from Swan Lake — used leopard-print fabric and gold netting in his designs and told AFP he wanted to see women wear his kimono to concerts.

“I tried to combine rock & roll with tradition,” he said. “We do have a traditional line as well but today I emphasized… the sexier version.”

Full story on Yahoo News: http://news.yahoo.com/kimonos-rock-n-roll-makeover-japan-fashion-week-055631115.html