Cure Magazine to present first-ever World Visual Festival


Japanese Visual Kei and Styling Magazine, Cure Magazine, will be holding its first World Visual Festival on April 30th 2016 (Japan Time).

The festival will be welcoming a total of 30 bands including the best of the best Visual Kei bands in the recent days, including KIRYU whom recently successfully completed its show at Nippon Budokan, A9, MEJIBRAY, DIAURA, DaizyStripper, ARELQUIN, and DEZERT.

What makes this festival unique is that the Festival will be welcoming Visual Kei, Jrock influenced bands from around the world.
These bands includes, Lolita Dark from Los Angeles (Nameless), Phoenix Ash from San Fransisco (Nameless), Kerbera from Sweden, MEA from Indonesia, and MaleRose from Thailand.

This festival will become one the largest festival in years for the Visual Kei scene breaking the barriers of language and style.

Performing bands
A9, Blu-BiLLioN, BugLug, CLØWD, DEZERT, DIAURA, DOG inTHE Parallel World Orchestra, DaizyStripper, LONDBOY, MALISEND, MEABEL, MEJIBRAY, Neverland, Royz, Synk;yet, the Raid., ARLEQUIN, GLAMHAZE, Grieva, Codomo Dragon, Gossip, XaaXaa, PENTAGON, KIRYU, DANGAN NO LIMIT, Kerbera (from Sweden), Lolita Dark (from Los Angeles), MEA (from Indonesia), MaleRose (from Thailand),
Phoenix Ash (from San Francisco)

[Presented by] Cure Magazine


Open: 1:00pm (JP)
Start: 2:00pm (Jp)

[Pre Sale]
Standing ¥6800 (Drink not included)

Standing ¥7300 (Drink not included)

[JP Information]
NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444 (Weekdays 14:00〜18:00)

RESERVE: 1/30 (Sat) 12:00- 2/14(Sun)
PURCH: 2/16(Tues) 13:00- 2/29 (Mon)