February 2016 archive


BO-PEEP’s latest CD THANK YOU opens with rocket-fueled, fast-paced guitar fury from Mika Yoshimura in “Hello”. Mika’s shrill vocals push you off balance, but that’s the point. BO-PEEP is unapologetically and unrelentingly on the offensive. Ryoko Nakano’s thundering drums are equally strong, and after more than decade of recording and performing (yes, it’s been a …

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J burns rubber with hot motorcycle power chords on “NEVER END”

BAND-MAID releases video comment for Sakura-Con 2016

Japanese girls rock group BAND-MAID released a special video today in preparation for their American performance debut at Sakura-Con next month. Fans of Akihabara’s maid-cafe culture will enjoy guitarist Miku’s authentic and fun phrasing as the BAND-MAID members welcome their “master and ladies” to their first “service” in the United States. VIDEO: BAND-MAID Sakura-Con Welcome

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RHEDORIC says hello to L.A. fans in pre-tour video

Japanese rock band RHEDORIC has published a message video for their fans from oversea for the bands first U.S. California tour in March. This will be the band’s first North American show with all members since their VK Fest show in 2014. The tour will launch with the American leg at the following venues: RHEDORIC …

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BAND-MAID cures 10,000 lonely hearts on Valentine’s Day with new MV

Japanese all-girl rock band BAND-MAID released their new music video “alone” on Valentine’s Day, and the video has racked up over 10,000 views on YouTube in its first day of release. Featuring a blistering guitar solo from guitarist Kanami and lyrics about a stinging romantic breakup, the new song struck a chord with the band’s …

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Gackt announces return of quote book Gakugenshu on Valentine’s Day

Gackt’s Official Facebook page made the announcement today of the return of Gackt’s book of photos and quotations titled GACKTGenshu, GACKT’s quotes, available soon from Gackt’s global store. 2016/2/14 Happy Valentine’s Day and a report from the Secretary! How are you spending your Valentine’s day? Here’s good news perfect for the occasion. By popular demand, …

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Avanchick announces new single

Visual kei band Avanchick have unveiled their new look and announced the release of their new single, “Tanin no Fukou wa Mitsu no Aji.” The band’s 5th single will be released on March 30, 2016 in a total of 3 different types: Type A: [DISC 1 – CD] 1. Tanin no Fukou wa Mitsu no …

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Swinging Popsicle – Small Blue Sailboat (lyric video)

exist†trace reveals jacket image and track list for THIS IS NOW

All-female Japanese rock band exist†trace has revealed the jacket image and track list for their upcoming mini-album THIS IS NOW, due for release on March 16. The 6-song release contains two songs, “Twin Wings” and “Shout Out”, which were previously available only at exist†trace live shows in Japan and through the band’s international fan club. …

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BAND-MAID featured on J-Melo’s Breakthrough Artist Showcase

BAND-MAID will appear on the international Japanese music television program J-Melo as one of the finalists in J-Melo’s Breakthrough Artist Showcase. The all-girl rock band placed second in the recent viewer poll, and they’ll sit down for an interview with host May-J when the program airs in mid-March, just weeks before BAND-MAID’s debut American performance …

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