Gackt announces return of quote book Gakugenshu on Valentine’s Day


Gackt’s Official Facebook page made the announcement today of the return of Gackt’s book of photos and quotations titled GACKTGenshu, GACKT’s quotes, available soon from Gackt’s global store.

Happy Valentine’s Day and a report from the Secretary!
How are you spending your Valentine’s day?
Here’s good news perfect for the occasion.
By popular demand, “GACKTGenshu, GACKT’s quotes” reprints will soon be available for viewing and purchase.
You’ll find numerous encouraging words from GACKT in this book, check them out!
“GACKTGenshu, GACKT’s quotes”



GACKT’s quote, filled with persisting beliefs is featured with colored visual photos.
“GAKUGENSHU” includes tomorrow’s provision; gives you encouraging words with strong will and even cheer you up with graceful words.

More images and information at Gackt’s global store: