RHEDORIC – Amplyfi 2016 Live Report

Amplyfi – March 13, 2016

Live Report by Nhu Nguyen


RHEDORIC has been eager to perform for their American fans. You could see it as soon as they stepped foot on the Amplyfi stage in L.A., their first U.S. headlining show, when their bottled energy exploded — and lasted — throughout their entire Sunday night show. They kicked off their set with the appropriately-titled “SHOW TIME” and “Wake Up, Stand Up”. The band blazed through the set list without many pauses in between each song, delivering tracks from their debut album JIGGY and mini-album GARYOU TENSEI with intense energy. Sweat started forming on the band members’ faces by the third song “THE REAL”. Before this show, the idea of a proper show in the states was a bit enigmatic.


RHEDORIC fans are used to being teased, especially in California. Fans would always get a taste of the band these last couple of years, but never a full line-up. Guitarist TOMO and vocalist Yuji performed at the Visual Kei festival in Los Angeles in July 2014. Exactly a year later, TOMO came back out to L.A. to support CELL, and quickly returned several months later in October 2015 to promote RHEDORIC.

While the band is young in formation — this tour was in celebration of their 4th year anniversary — their stage presence was seasoned. Naruka’s drumming was on point and Shigure’s cool demeanor led you to focus on his bass lines. Their enthusiasm was evident. TOMO nearly kicked vocalist Yuji when he alternated kicking his left and right foot back and forth. While slightly pitchy at times, Yuji delivered “WITH YOU” with a lot of emotion despite it being in English.


The fun was contagious. The members egged the crowd to fist pump for “WORLD”, and led them to sing and clap along together for “Possibility”. TOMO stepped out onto the chairs in front of him to get closer to the audience, but Yusuke Suga took joining the audience even further — with his guitar in hand — and jumped down the stage to join the circle pit at the end of their set.

After the set ended, the crowd immediately yelled for an encore. The band huddled together, then delightfully fulfilled the request with an encore of “Wake Up, Stand Up”. Something tells me this first U.S. show won’t be their last.

Set list:
2. Wake up, Stand Up
4. Guilty
5. Katasumi no Sekai
6. With You
8. Call my Name
9. Monster
10. Kakukai ~Core break~
11. Possibility
12. New Day

13. Wake Up, Stand Up

Photo credit: Japan Culture Creation Inc. (Top photo from Whiskey A Go Go show)
Bottom photo credit: Kristie Nguyen



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