GANGLION announces end of band activities


GANGLION has announced the end of their activities after their final show GANGLION LAST LIVE ~3937~, scheduled for June 18 at Shibuya CYCLONE. The band’s guitarist SAGARA left overseas fans a message in English, thanking them for the great memories they achieved in America, Europe, and Asia.


to overseas fans

we announced about we stop our activity on 6, April.

I’m so sorry…I didn’t want to tell you like the sad news.
because I know that you’re waiting for our activity.

after that information, many fans lives in overseas gave us many messages.
thank you for your love.

I’m sad too. but there’s no help for it.
Bands are not a thing running alone.
There are 4 members in GANGLION and they think about how do they live in GANGLION or their life in each ways.
We respect each opinion, thought like what does she want to do in her life.
I think no one is to blame.
so that’s why we decided to stop our activity on June.

I just want to say thank you so much for your huge support!!
we couldn’t image that we went to abroad and we able to play in front of you when we started GANGLION.
Texas, Taiwan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia. the days we spent with you at there is our precious memories, and fabulous experience.
and thank you for the fan of the country where we have never been to play. thank you for finding our music from so many Japanese rock music.

I want you to tell that GANGLION member’s relationship is not bad.
I think good relationship than ever
like this↓


it just we stop to making music and play at a band together.
I will miss playing in GANGLION. It’s a little lonely.

So come to meet if you are in Japan in June ! ! !

I will send you some songs of GANGLION packed a lot of love ! ! ! !