Aug 26 2016

Anna Tsuchiya holds live performance at ROAD TO ASIA in Shanghai


Singer and model Anna Tsuchiya held her live show at Q. Hall in Shanghai on August 20th. Stars from Japan, China and South Korea appeared in this event titled “ROAD TO ASIA” and sponsored by BANANA CULTURE. They aggressively pursued Anna for the event because of her popularity in China.

Tickets for the show were sold out in just a few days in spite of the high ticket price which was a little more than ¥10,000. Because of the high demand, Chinese security police imposed a sales regulation for tickets. Also, the media dubbed her as the “Madonna of Asia.” Dozens of media representatives came not only from Shanghai but also from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

At 7:30 pm, as soon as Anna appeared on the stage in a deep red leather jacket, the venue erupted with the screaming and applause of fans. Some fans even started to cry. As soon as Anna grabbed the microphone, the audience held up their fists and chanted to “Rose,” the theme song of the anime Nana.

Her live show heated up the Shanghai night for about 90 minutes, performing 18 songs including “LUCY” and “Kuroi Namida,” theme songs from Nana, “GUILTY”, and “CARRY ON,” theme songs from the film Biohazard: Degenreation (from the Resident Evil series), and disco hits “Stayin’ Alive” and ““Lady Marmalade”.

That night, her punk-rock stage costume included a deep red leather coat, black and blue corset, satin skirt and police hat. The Nana-inspired costume was designed especially for the show by worldwide brand designer, h.NAOTO.