Oct 05 2016

Chaotic Harmony begins pre-orders for new Avanchick single


Visual kei merchandise store Chaotic Harmony Imports will be featuring exclusive pre-orders for Avanchick’s single, “Idol.” This pre-order will come as a set with a print of their currently unreleased artist photo. Both the single and photo will come signed by each member, and the CD will come personalized with the customer’s name. Regularly approximately a $20 value, this exclusive set will be available for $15 + shipping.

Despite having performed “Idol” live since early on in their career, Avanchick only released a recording of the song on July 8, 2016. This single was released exclusively at live venues and their website, and is now available to fans overseas through Chaotic Harmony Imports.

To get your copy, visit www.chaotic-harmony.net.

About Chaotic Harmony Imports: Chaotic Harmony Imports was created in early 2016 after seeing the high demand for visual kei merchandise that is often sold exclusively in Japan and hard to obtain. Understanding this gap, the founders of Chaotic Harmony came together to use their extensive knowledge, experience, and connections in order to help fans more easily obtain merchandise while still supporting the artists.

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