X Japan’s We Are X Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere

Yoshiki and a group of celebrity friends celebrated the Hollywood premiere of the X Japan documentary film We Are X at the Chinese Theater on October 3. Directed by Stephen Kijak, We Are X opens in U.S theaters on October 21 at L.A.’s NuArt Theatre.


Everyone attended to support Japanese rock royalty, Yoshiki. The screening was not only a rock star-studded event, but also a Hollywood star-studded event. KISS’s Gene Simmons hosted the premiere (and brought his entire family along). Rocker Marilyn Manson walked the red carpet. Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi showed up adorned with Sanrio characters. Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean looked rocker cool. Actress Sofia Vergara and actor Joe Manganiello turned it into a date night.

The glitzy red carpet arrivals were followed by the documentary screening with opening comments from Gene Simmons who told everyone to: “Sit back, open your minds. You’re going to hear some amazing music, and you’re going to hear about a great story about a very special guy whose name is Yoshiki. You’ll learn how to worship him – as you should.”

Stephen Kijak, Yoshiki, Gene Simmons

Yoshiki, Gene Simmons

The man of the hour came up on stage and thanked his friends, the film’s director Stephen Kijak, and then: “My fans! You’ll see how important my fans are in this film. Without my fans I wouldn’t have existed.” The film promptly played, engrossed the audience, and ended to a round of applause.

After the film, it was time to head across the street to Teddy’s at The Hollywood Roosevelt where Yoshiki treated the crowd to a special performance on a clear grand piano of Tchaikovsky, the Star-Spangled Banner, and “Happy Birthday” – it happened to be the director’s birthday.

Simmons praised Yoshiki’s musical abilities at the after-party: “In any language, this is music – undeniable. The melodies, the choral structures, it’s just fantastical.” Then he turned to face Yoshiki, “When I grow up I want to be just like you.”

Manson shared that when he first met Yoshiki, one of the things Yoshiki told him was to, “Google me.” The American “enjoyed the hell out of that” response. When the two watched the documentary at Manson’s house, he revealed, “We held hands, actually, and cried. It was very sensitive – and it’s not a joke – it was very moving. It’s a great film and congratulations.” Their bond was obviously tight as Manson told Yoshiki, “I love you like a brother always.”

With this documentary and support like this, X Japan and Yoshiki are poised to take over the world.

Stephen Kijak

Marilyn Manson, Yoshiki


Stephen Kijak, Marilyn Manson, Yoshiki

Yuko Yamaguchi, Yoshiki







Yoshiki, Marilyn Manson