Disqualia – right NOW (Review)

right NOW

Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov


Lady boy
The first track always sets the mood. The first song should attract attention. Lady boy begins with a chorus and a diverse set of riffs. It’s an amazing song. From the very beginning, it combines heavy rock riffs and funny rock riffs, which are typical only for Japanese music. I think that such a song can be composed only in Japan. It has a Japanese spirit. A great chorus, good for a real hit song. Melodious and memorable. Magnificent voice of the vocalist, very powerful and pure. An interesting double-guitar solo. It’s an amazing song.

Shout it out
Super drums in the beginning. Everything about this band is really amazing. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals. In some band drums are slightly behind and not audible as well as guitars, even though Disqualia has such a powerful drummer. They set an incredible tone and rhythm with this strong heavy metal song. Great chorus. Excellent solo section. This song is very good for live performances. A wonderful ending, vocalist takes very high notes and use a vibrato, magic voice.

Right Now (MV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAN0Y55E4BY)
This song was chosen for the MV. I think this is due to the fact that song demonstrates well all the best sides of the Disqualia. Mad drums, powerful guitars and incredible vocals. Cool chorus. Cool solo section, first guitar solo, then second guitar solo, then both guitarists playing together and a little bass solo in the end. Just amazing and a very powerful song.

Mad Desire
Classical heavy metal song. Chorus of this song reminded me “Holy Diver” (Dio song). Very cool main guitar riff, really rocks. This song is also good for live performances. It’s very cool to bang your head when you are listening this song. Powerful ending as the vocalist displays her amazing voice.

The Destiny of Love
Super evil riff at the beginning smoothly turning into a heavy metal riff. This song is good for the final battle. In this song, the band demonstrates all their technique. Heavy and technical riffs, high-speed and powerful drums. Epic chorus. Powerful vocals throughout the song. Incredible solos. Each of the two guitarists plays their own solo, followed by a bass solo and all this is accompanied by a powerful drum beat and the vocalist’s gorgeous voice, really powerful and voluminous. It’s an epic ending.

Disqualia – It’s a really cool heavy metal band. All members of the band have their own unique style. Each song of this band is also unique. A variety of riffs, great solos, powerful drums, incredible vocals. “Right now” available in iTunes all over the world, so everyone can easy buy it and listen.