LAST MAY JAGUAR – Ready for… (Review)

Ready for…

Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov


Ready For …
The first song reminded me a little of Finnish metal bands — there is something northern in the sound of this song. At the same time this song has a Japanese spirit and definitely a Japanese chorus. I really like the sound of the drums in the chorus. The first question I asked myself when I listened to the first song “Why I did not hear about this band before? Where I was all this time?” Great song for the beginning of the album.

Sense of Junk
This song reminded me of Metallica’s “Fight Fire With Fire”. It sounds like real cool thrash metal. Of course the singer makes this song more melodic. Thanks to this, this song gets even better. Very cool chorus with an unusual combination of speed metal and romantic vocals.

It’s a more lyrical song. I like the way guitars play a variety of riffs and at the same time give the vocalist the opportunity to show her voice.

I think this is my favorite song on the album. It removes any questions about the strength of a female metal vocalist. The deep growls are a little frightening at first, but in a good way.

Zutto Futari De
Great ballad combined with an epic guitar solo. I think this song special because it is beautifully performed completely in Japanese.


It seems that this is again a ballad, but no – it’s hard rock …. and then again a ballad. A cool combination and a powerful song.

Get Real
Again, I thought of Metallica or maybe Annihilator. Lots of high-level technique in this song.

Dirty Party
American-style hard rock with sexual overtones.

The Last Beauty
A very atmospheric track, with excellent and varied guitar riffs, deep and soulful vocals.

You Will Be
Excellent for headbanging. The drummer in this band is crazy.

Acoustic intro leads into electric guitars. A positive song, and a solid way to end the album. We must believe in a bright future, be strong and fight!