Gacharic Spin’s Nenne announces graduation


Gacharic Spin’s Performer #3, Nenne, has announced her graduation from the all-girl Japanese rock group. The news was published on the band’s website earlier today. In the spring of this year she suspended all activities with the band due to a hearing issue and pursued treatment. Ultimately she has decided to move on and choose a different path for her future.

Nenne joined Gacharic Spin in the summer of 2015. One of her early live performances was at JPOP-Summit 2015 in San Francisco.

A translated excerpt from Nenne’s announcement:

“Thank you for all of your support. Even though I became a member in the summer of 2015, we got along well very quickly, and I felt like a member who was there from the beginning. It was hard to memorize many songs in a short period of time, but at all times I worked very hard and in earnest. It will make me happy if you continue to support Gacharic Spin, who is working hard and moving forward down a different path.Thank you very much and good day everyone!”

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