Oct 28 2017

GALNERYUS posts English version of ULTIMATE SACRIFICE saga


Japanese metal band GALNERYUS has added extra EPIC to their album ULTIMATE SACRIFICE by posting the song-by-song mythology of the story behind the album.

If you’re wondering where all the violent imagery in the title-track music video came from, sit back with some of your favorite ale and dive into the dramatic story crafted by GALNERYUS guitarist SYU, which continues the story from their 2015 album UNDER THE FORCE OF COURAGE.

(You’ll have plenty of time to read along — the album clocks in at 1 hour 5 minutes, and the closing title track “ULTIMATE SACRIFICE” is 12 minutes all on its own — plenty of room to get swept up in the story.)

The saga of ULTIMATE SACRIFICE: http://www.galneryusyumacher.com/?p=custom&id=19520496


Ultimate Sacrifice / GALNERYUS