DOLL$BOXX new album high $pec gets European release on JPU Records


JPU Records has announced the release of high $pec, the new album from DOLL$BOXX. The CD will be available in the UK and Europe on January 19, 2018, and available to purchase early at Hyper Japan in London between November 24-26, 2017.

The release features cover art from famous illustrator Masayuki Kojo (Star Wars, Spider-Man, Devilman), styling from fashion designer n.NAOTO (Marilyn Manson, X Japan, Amy Lee), and music from members of two of Japan’s mightiest girl bands, Gacharic Spin and Fuki Commune.

DOLL$BOXX has already received acclaim across the globe, including Team Rock’s “4 Kawaii Metal Bands To Blow Your Mind” and Gigwise’s “11 Insane Japanese Metal Bands That You Need In Your Life”.

“Mixing electronic, pop and metal influences into colourful, chaotic bursts of effervescent noise.” – Team Rock

“Probably the most colorful J-pop metal band. They don’t hold back on going all out bonkers with Japanese metal anthems” – Gigwise

Track List
01. Shout Down
02. Sub-liminal
03. HERO
04. Sekaiwa Kitto Aiwo Shitterunda
05. Dragonet

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