SILENT SIREN rocks L.A. with idol style (Live Report)

Musicians Institute Concert Hall, December 1, 2017

Live Report by Nhu Nguyen
Photos by Emi Nguyen

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SILENT SIREN may call themselves an idol group, but not many idols can truly rock out like these ladies did at Musician’s Institute in L.A. on December 1st. Playing their instruments with precision and smiles, they can go from singing their hit “Sweet Pop!” to talking about Green Day — that’s just how things roll in the land of SaiSai.

The band kicked off the night with “Fujiyama Disco”, a song that even after 24 hours was still stuck in my head. Plenty of songs (17 total!) performed at the show were just as infectious and memorable, the music school’s ace sound system made them hit even harder. The fun and spunkiness of “Cherry Bomb” and “Joshikou Sensou” was heightened in a live setting, and it warmed my heart to watch fans break out their pink light sticks as the stage went dark for “secret base ~kimiga kuretamono~”, from the Anohana anime, illuminating the venue like pink stars in the night sky.

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SILENT SIREN keeps a perfect balance between being both a rock band and an idol group. Early on in the night, they showed off their musical talents by playing solo instrumental bits right before their first MC break. Suu pulled double-duty as lead vocal and guitar. Ainyan’s skills and bass lines earned many impressed double-takes from the crowd. Hinanchu carried the underlying backbone of songs on drums. Yukarun is part-time keyboardist and full-time hype-woman, moving to the front several times during the show to energize the crowd and get them jumping and dancing. During “guruguru wonderland”, she got the fans to wave their towels, and midway she guruguru-ed her own towel straight into the audience.

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The four performers are unabashedly feminine — as expected of a group made up of former kawaii magazine models. They’re all cute, and the mini Q&A session and MCs confirmed this as they showed off their charisma (with the help of an interpreter) even more. Ainyan shared her experience visiting Hollywood and Highland: “I drank a lot of beer — I love beer!” Hinanchu said she visited Fairfax High School because members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers went there. Suu’s favorite movie is High School Musical – she likes Zac Efron. Yukarun likes Rapunzel. The Q&A not only gave fans a chance to ask questions, but one lucky fan even got the opportunity to fulfill his wish of going on stage and playing a short tune on the guitar for the group.

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As SILENT SIREN’s main set ended and the four members exited the stage, fans chanted “SaiSai”, first in unison, then spontaneously splitting into two, with the right and left sides calling the group’s name back-and-forth. The members returned to the stage matching their fans in pink tour shirts, and with thankful hearts as fans gave them a banner that read, “SaiSai Forever”. At the Musician’s Institute auditorium, designed for rock and metal, but full of chanting, light sticks, and borderline wotagei dancing, the worlds of rock and idol were combined as only SILENT SIREN can.

1. Fujiyama Disco
2. Yoshida-san
4. Hachigatsu no yoru
5. What Show is it?
6. joshikou sensou
7. Sweet Pop!
8. stella☆
9. guruguru wonderland
10. secret base ~kimiga kuretamono~
11. Just Meet
12. Kaleidoscope
13. DanceMusiQ
14. cherry bomb
15. Sinbad
2. Bii-san

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