Jan 24 2018

LUNA SEA – The Holy Night 2017 (Live Report)


Saitama Super Arena, December 24, 2017

Concert review by Meiko Kikuta

The hard core LUNA SEA fans, “SLAVES”, had waited long enough to hear about the new album ‘LUV’ and to see the annual Christmas gigs at the Saitama Super Arena on December 23rd and 24th, 2017.

The night began just after 4pm with “Hold You Down” from the new album as pictures of random kaleidoscope-like pattern were projected on the background.

“How are you all? Let’s make this Saitama Super Arena the hottest place in this world!” frontman RYUICHI yelled to the crowd. Two hard rocking hits “JESUS” and “HURT” followed before RYUICHI spoke out to the audience again about the new album.

“The album title is spelled LUV. We’re facing many unfortunate incidents in this world right now. Some overseas LUNA SEA fans may be suffering. What we can do may be limited, but we’ll keep performing music for you. We need your help for that, too.”

The audience cheered for the songs from the album and then danced to “The End of the Dream”. SUGIZO swapped his guitar to a violin and slowly began the beautiful ballad, “I’ll Stay With You”. RYUICHI also brought an acoustic guitar with red flower pattern for the song, his mellow voice synchronized with the slow moving pictures of water on the screen.

Another slow song, “MOON”, mesmerized the crowd. However, LUNA SEA wasn’t going to let the audience rest for too long. SHINYA was left alone for the drum solo, his aggressive but precise drumming pushing the audience back into “rock” mode. SHINYA’s iconic neon green drum set shined under the spot light while the audience called out his name repeatedly. And then J ran back to the stage with his red bass. His solo led the audience to jump up and down to get ready for their massive hits like “BLUE TRANSPARENCY”, “I for You” and “DESIRE”. The show finished with one of their signature songs, “ROSIER”.


Once the band disappeared from the stage, instead of calling out the band members’ names for an encore, LUNA SEA’s fans pulled out their phones and turned on their flashlights. Someone in the crowd started singing “Silent Night” and the voices joined together louder and louder until LUNA SEA returned to the stage.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful. It’s like we’re floating on the surface of a sea of stars. Now, this is our Christmas song back to you,” RYUICHI threw a kiss in the air and sang “Christmas song ~ HOLY KNIGHT”. RYUICHI introduced the band members and asked them to share their feelings about next year’s tour.

“It’s been a while since we last toured, so we’re all putting ourselves together for it”, J spoke out while INORAN whispered to RYUICHI that he loves their fans. SUGIZO talked about their goal to use only hydrogen fuel for their concert, and his excitement for their album LUV and the tour starting in 2018.

“You may not like LUV!” SUGIZO smiled. “We welcome all reactions towards the album. We’re trying to do something new, so obviously it’s different. We need to progress. It’s from new LUNA SEA. I hope you’ll like us like that.”

RYUICHI suggested that he might purposely leave something at each venue when he tours so that he can return and collect them in the future. Lastly, SHINYA walked down to the front of the stage and made some jokes how he spent his Christmas so far.

“Dejavu” and “WISH” were performed to wrap up the show as silver confetti fell over the arena at the climax.

The band members spent a long time wandering around the stage as if they never wanted to leave. After all the members left, the dates and locations for their album tour and the surprise announcement of LUNATIC FEST. were shown on the screen, bringing screams from the audience who had been waiting for over three years for news about LUNATIC FEST. For many, the news was the best LUNA SEA Christmas present they could have wished for.

Set list:
01 Hold You Down (from new album LUV)
05 Brand New Days (from new album LUV)
06 Yamibi (from new album LUV)
07 The LUV (from new album LUV)
08 The End of the Dream
09 I’ll Stay With You
11 Drum solo & Bass solo
13 I for You

18 Christmas song ~ HOLY KNIGHT
19 Dejavu

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