ONE OK ROCK releases concert film 2016 Special Live in Nagisaen


ONE OK ROCK’s double-disc live BD/DVD ONE OK ROCK 2016 Special Live in Nagisaen launches off store shelves on January 17, 2018. Featuring their massive 2-day concert held at Nagisaen, Nagasaki Prefecture, Disc 1 features the complete 21 song set the band previewed in their “Taking Off” live clip released last year. Disc 2 contains a documentary on the band’s recording sessions for their latest studio release Ambitions.


2016 Special Live in Nagisaen
Track List
1. Re:make
2. Jibun Rock
3. Cry Out
4. Clock Strikes
5. 20 Years Old
6. Deeper Deeper
7. Let’s Take It Someday
8. Kagerou
9. Always Coming Back
10. The Same As…
11. Be The Light
12. C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H.
13. Take Me To The Top
14. Answer Near
15. Taking Off
16. The Beginning
17. Mighty Long Fall
18. Nobody’s Home
19. Wherever You Are
20. Kimishidai Train
21. Perfect Sensory Dreamer