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Feb 27 2018

Swinging Popsicle reveals track list and artwork for 20th Anniversary compilation TIME TRAVEL


(Photo by Noriko Hagiwara) Swinging Popsicle has revealed the full track list and album art for the 2-disc compilation GOLDEN☆BEST Master TIME TRAVEL ~Sony Music Years Selection~, due for release March 2nd in Japan. In addition to online orders from Sony Music Direct, the album will be available at the band’s upcoming concert event “POPS …

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Feb 27 2018

BABYMETAL to launch 2018 world tour in May for U.S. and Europe


Japanese rock phenomenon BABYMETAL have announced 8 American and 5 European tour dates in late spring 2018, starting in Kansas City, Missouri on May 8th and ending at UK’s Download Festival in Derby on June 9th.

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Feb 25 2018



UNISON SQUARE GARDEN MODE MOOD MODE Review by Marc Bowie Released on January 24th, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s MODE MOOD MODE is a swirling stew of musical flavors and genre mashups played with consummate skill and carried off with panache. Like watching a master carpenter expertly carving a post, it’s very satisfying observing these accomplished craftsmen …

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Feb 18 2018

Takeru (ex. SuG) launches new solo project “sleepyhead”


Takeru has broken his silence since the disbandment of SuG to announce his new project, “sleepyhead”. He’s hit the ground running with the release of the video for his first solo single, “Yamikumo”.

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Feb 16 2018

Nishikawa Takanori – Bright Burning Shout (Review)


Nishikawa Takanori Bright Burning Shout (single) Review by Michelle Minikhiem Most of us have heard of the rock and dance powerhouse that is T.M. Revolution, but he’s rebranded himself under his true name of Nishikawa Takanori for his newest single, “Bright Burning Shout”.

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Feb 15 2018

X Japan named SSE Wembley Arena’s top concert of 2017


X Japan’s 2017 London concert has been crowned “Best Event” at The SSE Arena, Wembley in the SSE Live Awards. Over one million votes were placed across SSE’s three sponsored venues to determine this year’s winner. The X Japan World Tour came out on top after securing over 36% of the public vote from an …

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Feb 15 2018

Plastic Tree – Major Debut 20th Anniversary Live DVD Preview (MV)


  Time flies. Last year, Plastic Tree toured to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their major debut. They caught some of those impressive throwback moments on their newest DVD, which you can only find included in the special edition of their new album doorAdore set to be released March 7th.

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Feb 12 2018



SCANDAL HONEY Review by Marc Bowie On paper, it shouldn’t have worked. Assemble four women at a dance school with little to no experience with musical instruments, have them rehearse relentlessly, encourage a degree of songwriting, and … presto, instant rock band. Just add water. But work it did — through previously undiscovered innate talent …

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Feb 10 2018

Gacharic Spin – New album G-litter releases on April 11th


Gacharic Spin played the first show of their 2018 tour at Kashiwa Palooza on February 10th, and at its conclusion the band made a surprise announcement: their new album, G-litter, will be released on April 11th. The album will contain 10 songs, one of them being “Generation Gap”, which was previously released as a single …

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Feb 09 2018

Looprider – Umi (Review)


Looprider Umi Review by Marc Bowie Bands who record single songs that take up an entire LP side or more run the risk of being called self-indulgent … or worse. Looprider’s 2017 album, Umi, would seem to fit the bill, as at twenty-five minutes this one-track effort is longer than the oft-mocked In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Happily, the …

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