Gacharic Spin – New album G-litter releases on April 11th

Gacharic Spin played the first show of their 2018 tour at Kashiwa Palooza on February 10th, and at its conclusion the band made a surprise announcement: their new album, G-litter, will be released on April 11th. The album will contain 10 songs, one of them being “Generation Gap”, which was previously released as a single in September.

There will be three different versions of G-litter available for purchase: a standard edition, limited edition type-A, and limited edition type-B. In addition to the 10-song CD, here are the details of what the bonuses are in the limited edition versions:

Type-A Bonus DVD
1. “The Movie (Short Ver.)”, from their one man live show at Hibiya Yaon on 06/24/2017
2. “River Banquet Festival” Osaka edition, from the band’s one man live at umeda TRAD on 12/30/2017
3. Music videos for “Generation gap” and new songs (TBD)

Type-B Bonus CD
1. umeda TRAD Osaka Live Sound Source – 12/30/2017
2. Mukaikaze – first time recorded

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