Takeru (ex. SuG) launches new solo project “sleepyhead”


Takeru has broken his silence since the disbandment of SuG to announce his new project, “sleepyhead”. He’s hit the ground running with the release of the video for his first solo single, “Yamikumo”. A live show is also planned for March 17th at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

Takeru had this to say about the new direction his career is headed in, “I had a taste of hell for 13,040,820 seconds. I don’t have a clear goal, or answers. I’m not ready yet, but I decided to step into the unknown. I challenged myself to not join any label or management company for now. I’m going to start this completely on my own. There are many trials I have yet to face, but the concerts where I can meet you all will be worth it.”


sleepyhead OHP:  http://sleepyhead.tokyo/
sleepyhead Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sleepyhead.tokyo/
Takeru’s official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ta_streetgothic