The GazettE unleashes Falling MV from NINTH

JRock247 the Gazette Ruki Falling Music Video NINTH

The GazettE released some bloody good news (and a bloody music video alongside): their ninth album – the aptly-titled NINTH – will be out on June 13, 2018. It will be nearly 3 years since their previous album DOGMA, making this the longest wait the visual kei elites have put fans through.

The band’s official website crashed as fans flocked to view the first full-length music video, “Falling”, from the forthcoming LP containing 12 songs. The new MV depicts a ride-or-die relationship. The pair’s motto seems to be: “Can I kill and have you help me clean this mess up?” Ah, the couple who kills together stays together! It’s the kind of relationship that best tells the lyrics’ story in an extreme way, “Falling down/ Deep in to the dark”. Click here to watch the new music video on their official website.

JRock247 the gazette ninth album falling june 2018

NINTH will be available in four different types:

-Limited Edition Box A: Special Metallic Package + 1 CD + 1 Blu-ray (“Falling” MV, Making of “Falling, & full live) + Booklet

-Limited Edition Box B: Special Metallic Package + 1 CD + 2 DVD (“Falling” MV, Making of “Falling, & full live) + Booklet

-Regular Edition CD + 1 DVD (“Falling” MV & Making of “Falling)

-Regular Edition CD

Not sure what led the band to name the album NINTH, other than perhaps the one obvious reason, but the logo is a design dream!

For those of you in Japan or visiting Japan, be sure to catch them on tour “Phase #01 –PHENOMENON-“, with dates from July 19 thru September 4.

JRock247 the Gazette NINTH Phenomenon Tour

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