Unlucky Morpheus releases preview of CADAVER / REVADAC (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus uploaded a preview of two new songs, “CADAVER” and “REVADAC”, which will be on the EP CADAVER/REVADAC releasing March 28th. The band’s recognizable fast melodic sound accompanied by Fuki’s powerful vocals is there but with a twist – both songs use the same sheet music! As the name implies, “REVADAC” uses the same composition of “CADAVER” but in reverse:

Once the EP is released, it will be interesting to see if the subject matter in the lyrics from the two songs will follow the same pattern. The icon highlighting the notes in the video may be a clue. In “CADAVER” the symbol gradually changes from a red coffin to a blue diamond shape, while the reverse happens when “REVADAC” is played. We only have to wait a few more weeks to find out what these symbols may mean.

Unlucky Morpheus website: http://sound.jp/ankimo/
Unlucky Morpheus Twitter: https://twitter.com/ankimo_official


Cadaver / Revadac / Unlucky Morpheus
Unlucky Morpheus