Mar 01 2018

URBANGARDE releases 10th Anniversary music video Atashi Fiction


URBANGARDE has released their new music video “Atashi Fiction”, the lead track from their upcoming 10th anniversary album Shoujo Fiction (“Girl Fiction”) scheduled for release on April 4, 2018. Revisiting URBANGARDE’s trademark red-and-white polka-dot imagery, the band reflects on their past and present in a dramatic shower of music CDs.

URBANGARDE – “Atashi Fiction”

Since the 2008′s Shoujo wa Nido Shinu (“Girls Only Live Twice”) introduced vocalist Yoko Hamasaki as a bloody, sword-wielding schoolgirl in “Don’t Take Off Your Sailor Fuku“, URBANGARDE has built a dedicated international following for their outrageous visuals and challenging lyrical themes.

Over the past decade, URBANGARDE has produced nine albums, two mini-albums, seven singles, and four DVDs, plus multiple books and solo releases from Hamasaki and co-vocalist Temma Matsunaga. The band has also performed concerts overseas at Japan Expo in France and A-Kon in the United States.


URBANGARDE will hold a special 10th anniversary concert event titled “Kekkon Shiki” at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 8th to celebrate the new album. The deluxe edition of Shoujo Fiction will come with a 24-page booklet and DVD with 4 music videos. Special bonuses at Japanese retailers including an acoustic CD (Tower Records), instrumental tracks (HMV), photo clear file (Disk Union), and “Shoujo Fiction” original novella written by Temma Matsunaga (Village Vanguard).

Shoujo Fiction
April 4, 2018
Track List
1. Atashi Fiction
2. Akumade Akuma
3. Femme Fata Fantasy
4. Tokyo Kid
5. Video no Youni
6. Otona byou
7. Internet Sou
8. Tetsukuzu Tetsuo
9. Kiss ni Tsuite
10. Shoujo ni Shiyagare
11. Daihakai Koukyougaku

LIMITED EDITION DVD + 24-page booklet
01. Atashi Fiction (PROPAGANDA VIDEO)
02. Akumade Akuma (PROPAGANDA VIDEO)
03. Femme Fata Fantasy (PROPAGANDA VIDEO)
04. Daihakai Koukyougaku (MEMORIAL VIDEO)



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