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Apr 28 2018

LOVEBITES releases The Crusade MV from Battle Against Damnation


Japanese heavy metal band LOVEBITES will follow up their debut album Awakening From Abyss with new mini-album Battle Against Damnation, available in Europe and North America on June 8 rom JPU Records. Lead track “The Crusade” sees LOVEBITES – who are nominated “Best New Band” in Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards 2018 – pay their …

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Apr 28 2018

LAMP IN TERREN get some “New Clothes” in latest music video

JRock247-LAMP IN TERREN-New Clothes-Video 2

Following up on their latest single, Dreams, from earlier in the month, LAMP IN TERREN have recently released a video for another stunner of a new track, New Clothes.

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Apr 24 2018

X JAPAN proves rock’s not dead at Coachella 2018


Legendary Japanese rock group X JAPAN made a triumphant return to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival this past weekend, Saturday, April 21. As one of only a few rock artists performing at the festival, X JAPAN’s powerful rock performance and elaborate production thrilled the Coachella crowd with a rousing hard rock concert, pyrotechnics and …

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Apr 23 2018

[ALEXANDROS] announces new single and BLEACH live-action film theme


[ALEXANDROS] has announced their next single, “KABUTO”. The word, rich with imagery of strength and power, means a traditional Japanese helmet once worn by samurai. The single will be out on May 23rd. “Hanauta”, another song on the single, is their first collaboration project. The lyrics for this song were composed by featuring emerging poet Tahi …

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Apr 21 2018

RON RON CLOU Want You To “Listen Up!”

KOGA-210_7 Jacket (Disco Bag - No Spine) _OL

As the years go by, ageless Rickenbacker loving punkers RON RON CLOU are wearing better than Paul Weller’s haircut and prove it by issuing their first new music video in fifteen years for the song Listen Up!.

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Apr 20 2018

lynch. goes light and dark in SORROW music video


lynch. released a haunting music video for their rock ballad “SORROW”. The song, previously featured on their May 2017 mini-album SINNERS, is now being re-released on SINNERS -no one can fake my bløod-, out April 25. The upcoming album contains nine songs from SINNERS and the 2017 single BLØOD THIRSTY CREATURE. The tracks were all …

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Apr 17 2018

X JAPAN makes “epic” debut at Coachella 2018


X JAPAN made their Coachella debut on April 14 — YOSHIKI’s first major concert on drums since the band headlined SSE Wembley Arena in London last year — with a hard-rocking set that drew praise from music fans and media alike.

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Apr 14 2018

FATE GEAR – Shibuya Takeoff 7 “Versus” (Gallery)


FATE GEAR Shibuya TAKEOFF 7 April 7, 2018 Photos by Meiko Kikuta Hot pics from FATE GEAR’s set at the BRATS-produced “Versus” event at Shibuya Takeoff 7 on April 7, 2018.

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Apr 14 2018

BRATS – Shibuya Takeoff 7 “Versus” (Live Report)


BRATS Shibuya TAKEOFF 7 April 7, 2018 Live Report and Photos by Meiko Kikuta Girls rock band BRATS headlined their “VERSUS” event at Shibuya TAKEOFF 7 on April 7th, topping guest acts FATE GEAR, FullMooN, and IRIS MONDE. It hasn’t been too long since vocalist Rei Kuromiya announced her departure from The Idol Formerly Known …

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Apr 14 2018

YOSHIKI returns to drums for 10th Anniversary of X Japan’s reunion


X Japan drummer/pianist YOSHIKI performed his first full concerts on drums following last year’s emergency spinal disc replacement surgery on April 10 and 11 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo, warming up for the band’s debut performance at Coachella tonight, April 14.

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