BRATS – Shibuya Takeoff 7 “Versus” (Live Report)

Shibuya TAKEOFF 7

April 7, 2018
Live Report and Photos by Meiko Kikuta


Girls rock band BRATS headlined their “VERSUS” event at Shibuya TAKEOFF 7 on April 7th, topping guest acts FATE GEAR, FullMooN, and IRIS MONDE.

It hasn’t been too long since vocalist Rei Kuromiya announced her departure from The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY, and she has made it clear that “BRATS vocalist Rei” is different from her idol image. At “VERSUS”, she definitely proved that to the audience with her strong voice and attitude.


BRATS’ performance began instantly after the lights came up. The crowd held their hands up in the air, cheering as the band began their show. Contrary to the members’ youth and cute looks, the songs had heavy and punk vibes. With the first three songs, BRATS managed to grab the audience’s attention.

After a short break, “PAIN” was performed. Rei’s shouted repeatedly while Aya (bass) and Hinako (guitar) jumped around, bringing the audience’s excitement to the maximum. Rei then announced that BRATS is likely to release an album this summer.


In their interviews, all the members are quite bubbly and cheeky, but on stage, they simply focus on their performance rather than talking to the audience. All 9 songs were performed one after another without an MC break, so their show seemed to go by fast in a style that could be shockingly different for some ‘girl band’ fans. However, once they’re on stage, these girls are determined to express their frustration and passion through their music.


The show ended with an encore “Ainikoiyo (アイニコイヨ)”, the song the band released last year after their return from hiatus. All the members seemed confident and happy to be back on stage. Its catchy tune and straightforward lyrics was perfect track to end the night.

1. Anthem
2. Seitouka Pride Monster (正当化プライドモンスター)
3. Nounai Shoukyo Game (脳内消去ゲーム)
4. Pain
5. Big Bad World
6. Kaihou Seyo (解放セヨ)
7. Lost Place
8. Kimarigoto (決まりごと)
9. Ainkoiyo (アイニコイヨ)